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Digit Positions

Position 1 -

Position 2

Position 3

All Positions

Positions with 10 or more consecutive Odd/Even, High/Low, In/Out

List the digit with the longest out skip for Midday, Evening, Combined draws for Position 1, Position 2, Position 3.

Indicator showing if all 3 digits in each Position are out 10 or more draws.


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New York Midday draw had the digit 0, 4, and 7 out 10 draws or more

Connecticut Midday had 10 consecutive Odd digits Position 2.  2-8-1 Hit today.

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In response to winsumloosesum

Hell winsum ANYTHING from you is helpful!! Lol Da Boot!!

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sounds good to me. can we download it for our own state?Banana

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Thanks for sharing this great tool Steve helps to statistically track trends

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I believe that is called series in English. Series are standard in my quick-test. I don't care if it is a digit or a letter like E or O. It is nice to see.

On one side you have the skips and on the other side you have the series.

The series of ODD numbers are equivalent to the skips of the EVEN numbers.

This doesn't predict anything, but knowing about it won't kill anyone.

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E1:456 2:247 3:122 4:54 5:28 6:17 7:7 9:1 11:2 12:2
O0: 897 1: 455 2: 247 3: 122 4: 54 5: 28 6: 17 7: 7 9: 1 11: 2 12: 2


In the results of the functions are not included the running series or skip.

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If we go for the follower counts in a matrix, the same data for that position gives this matrix:


O>>O = * 897 while E>>E = * 942 but O>>E - E>>O = 0

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ODD / EVEN, HI / LO, INNER / OUTER or any other fifty fifty distribution, what was the longest series for the +3700 drawings?
For that position, I found that the maximum series was 18 and happened once.

Par conséquence, the value twelve as maximum is not a good reference. You might find out by checking different lotteries.

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