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I been buying the new gold rush for the last week. I starded with $40 and over a week I'm up to $340. I hit 3 money bag symbols win all but all $100 which I think is a joke but I'll take it and tons of $100s. I'm little upset bc I just lost $140 but I ran out of gas stations to go to.  I don't Like to buy when I hit $100 already on the same roll. But I'm still at $220 buy I would say I hit alot winners on tic number #23 #25 and #21 also hit $100 on tic #7. Feel like we get wa es of good tickets and waves of crap just have to slow down when it's gets cold lol harder to say then do!!

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WTG on your winnings!

A bit of advice. Don't get too wound up with one ticket because its been doing well. Especially if it's at a place
where the tickets do not move fast. Not sure how long that game has been out for sale but if it's older, you
might want to watch you're playing. If I play at a slow store and snag an okay one, I'll not touch the
pack again for awhile. Keep track of the numbers of the tickets and try not to waste money. I've seen people
here talk about back to back wins and I guess it's entirely possible but chances are they are spaced out.
I'll agree with you on ticket numbers even though I'm from PA...I like 23's 25's and 29's and 10's.

Don't put it all back and chasing is best left to a dog and his tail. Big Smile

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In response to dr65

i never like to play ticket #22

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