When is I agwin ta be jackpot winna?


Das all I gots ta know.    Win is I agwin ta be winna o'da who' jackpot?

I beena playin' fo' yea'z. Beena watchin' usamega for dat time too.

I be watchin' a Charly Chan movie right now.


Well you could take the money and invest in some high-yield index funds on the stock market and consider that a win when you don't lose money. Anyways I am not 100% sure if you might be breaking forum rules but your posts always make my brain strain to comprehend what you write so thanks for the mental exercise.


Get an education, I got one, engineer

In response to bigbear29

Naw hom'z. Not e'erbody can be no engineer.

Dey use dat new Maff, motiplication and dibision.

I'm steo on my gazintas.   One gazinta two, two gazinta fo'. fo' gazinta eight.. . . .



You are also afflicted by the "Can't win" curse.

The only way to break the curse is to have a winner buy tickets for you.

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 I will take this time break to relax before both jackpots reach $100,000,000.00 .  Then the game will be on !

 I will update my what to do when I win list.   LOL


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In response to music*

updating one's to do list is great busy work between jackpots

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In response to AmoWin

Well, whenever you do win, get an education in the English language so you can be taken seriously when you talk or write.

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In response to bigbear29

Amen. I was about to say the same thing.

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