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I am looking back(2 years) at systems to re download and add to the systems folder and your links are broken or disabled

are they gone?


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ok never mind I didn't go far enough in the post lol

unless if you have a folder with all of them in, that would help

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Hi, hope all is well.


I do have a folder but not one that is available online.  Besides there are quite a bit of workouts, rundowns and the like.  Most of which I cannot remember the mechanics of.  Some I wrote instructions to myself so I wouldn't forget what the process was but most I did not.  However, most you just enter a draw or two or 12 and it spits out numbers.  So, even though you won't know how you got the numbers you can still see if it is producing winners in your state at this time.


Sorry I couldn't be more helpful,


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hi ranman. can you post a link to one of your programs (excel) that i can download direct instead of going thru box. thanks

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Good to see you ranman17See Ya! "Happy Thanksgiving" to your Family Turkey

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Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


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In response to ranman17

Green laughThanks See Ya!

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