Hoosier Lottery $20 Lucky 7's Value Book Scratch Offs


So I am am driving through Indiana and stop for gas ( I live in Illinois) and notice in the gas station the $20 Lucky 7 Value Book. The ticket claims 75% payback. In each book you get 6 tickets for the price of 4. I guess they claim it is sort of like $5 tickets but honestly the book plays like a $20 scratch off. The payback percentage for a scratch off is actually pretty good. I noticed that there were still 2 out of 6 top prize tickets left worth $250,000. I decided to buy 5 books worth $100. The books are very flimsy so it is tough to scratch. They are basically either match the number or find the seven games. I am all about odds and payback percentages. I prefer to play games that are EV+. That payback close to 100% where I have edge or more than 100%. My goal though is to buy a scratch off and have it be a huge winner live on video and I tape myself scratching it. Hence the fact I am willing to buy certain scratch offs that meet my criteria.

In any event if you are interested here is Part 1 of my scratching these five books. Overall it was a winning experience!

I would highly suggest these scratch offs as they take a while to scratch and the payback percentage is above average.  If you care to watch all five books just follow the videos from part 1 to part 5. 


Keep on scratching!

PS I just bought five more books!



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