I was really counting on winning Tuesday's Prize.


Yes, I know. We all were.

No, you see, I was really counting on it. I had many important things planned, with such a prize.

And it went to someone in New York. New York is always winning something.


I didn't even win prize 2.  I needs me a win.  Someday, I hope, amowin.


LOL It's always NY or CA

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In response to AmoWin

What is your point?  Do you think the actual winner is going to care about the other players who had plans for his winnings?

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Never count on winning a lottery jackpot until you actually have the winning ticket in your hand then you won't be disappointed.

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What's more frustrating than living in a state that has players winning jackpots very often and  you yourself never having won even $1,000? it's like falling from the 5th floor and landing 2 feet away from a trampoline Green laugh

In response to AmoWin

Trying to get get rich by playing the lottery is like trying to commit suicide by riding on commercial airliners.


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In response to RJOh

I had this neat little island all picked out too so the winner should be a little sympathetic.

Hiding Behind Computer

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In response to AmoWin

You can use a lottery ticket as a talisman to attract wealth into your life.LOL

In response to AmoWin

Of course you should have won based on the fact that other players did not have " important things planned".

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 Thank You "ThatScaryChick" for your wisdom and also for your selfie. I had imagined you a blonde but now am glad to see your reality.


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In response to music*

It's always nice to be able to put a face with the name...or nickname.  With a name like "ThatScaryChick", I was afraid she might be my ex-wife.

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In response to mikeintexas

Green laughLOL


but seriously .. if thar was ever a living doll "that scary chick" is one of them Embarassed

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In response to hearsetrax

You guys are silly. lol


In response to AmoWin

I only have one thing I'm counting on when I buy my tickets...and that is to lose LOL!

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