Pick 3 - 0-6-0/1-6-0 System

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I had posted this in a different thread earlier.  I may as well make it official.

Try this ... I've been playing around with it for a while.  One box hit a week.


I call it 0-6-0/1-6-0


  1.  Take Friday's draw or Friday's Evening draw (which ever is the latest draw) .. ex. California evening draw on Friday was 433.
  2. Add 0 to the 1st digit, 6 to the 2nd digit, 0 to the 3rd digit .. ex. 4-3-3 + 0-6-0 = 4-9-3.
  3. Take the results from Step 2 and keep adding 1 to each digit until you come up with 10 combos.



     4.  Add 1 to the 1st digit, 6 to the 2nd digit, 0 to the 3rd digit .. ex. 4-3-3 + 1-6-0 = 5-9-3.

     5.  Repeat Step 3




    6.  Once system hits ... STOP!  Reload again after that week's Friday evening numbers are drawn.

    7.  If you don't like playing pairs or trips and the late Friday draw plus 0-6-0 and/or 1-6-0 give you pairs or trips, go back a draw or two until you get single combos.


Results ..... California Sunday Eve .... Boxed hit.  If you play the 20 boxes those two day, your net would be $40.00.

Sun, Nov 2, 20143-2-8

You can use this for straight plays as well like I do.  Your base ends up being 120 numbers.  Filter until you hit your desired play amount.


Good Luck!

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Thanks for SharingSmiley

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Is that lottery carry?

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Yes Blackapple ... that's Lottery Math

In excel, it's =mod(a1+0,10) for digit 1, =mod(a1+6,10) for digit 2, =mod(a1+0,10) for digit 3

 .......... and  =mod(a1+1,10) for digit 1, =mod(a1+6,10) for digit 2, =mod(a1+0,10) for digit 3 

 .......... and  then add by 1 for each digit with lottery match to get 9 more combos each for 10 + 10 = 20 combos. 

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PartyLet's party

Another gem for the treasure chest

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Thanks for sharing.


I'm going to do a back test in Florida. 

Wondering though, why only on Friday's? I'm going to check other days too. lol

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My experience, and from back testing ... for some reason, the Friday base numbers work best.


Nice system.. but what would be a good strategy to use those 20 combinations of numbers instead of playing them everyday and spending about $140/week hoping that our numbers hit?  Also, I've prolonged the use of the 20 combos for up to 2 weeks and been getting an average of two 1-off matches (1-off straights and 1-off) along with an average of 2-3 box matches per 20 combos that I backtested, so I think it works if you extend the use of the numbers but I must ask.. am I using this system wrong by doing this? Are we suppose to use these numbers on a weekly basis instead of bi-weekly?


Thanks a lot for sharing this with us

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This is good for draws in Florida. New numbers after tomorrow nights draw.



060 160
385 485
496 596
507 607
118 718
129 829
430 930
341 041
552 152
463 263
974 374
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In response to mikemmk1990

Mike ... just from my experience and from back testing, I've found that the system works once/maybe twice a week.  After that, you need to reload after Friday draws.  I can't tell you why but that's what I'm seeing in my analysis typically.

Yes, I too have seen the system work for up to 3 weeks straight ... BUT ..... it typically does not get on a "Lucky" streak too often.  That's why I advise to reload.

Regardless, if you find that it's good for 3 weeks straight in your state, by all means, ride that horse 'til it dies!  Then reload the shotgun! 

Good Luck!

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