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Vtracs is My Game!
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Posted: August 12, 2012, 5:04 pm - IP LoggedFavorites

Last Digit Sum/Ssum-Vtrac Combo Chart

0/5- Vtrac-V111,V224,V233,V355,V445,V125,V134

1/6- Vtrac-V112,V144,V225,V455,V135,V234,V333

2/7- Vtrac-V113,V122,V244,V334,V145,V235,V555

3/8- Vtrac-V114,V155,V335,V344,V123,V245,V222

4/9- Vtrac-V115,V133,V223,V255,V124,V345,V444

These are all the known Vtracs in Box form.

I would like to thank BlackApple for all he did to teach this method!

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Awesome Chart Sherita created

Example 696 came in Pa. 11/4 eve

696=Vtracs 252

696=sum 21=Short sum 1

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In response to Blackapple

I must say Thank You!

I learned from the Best and as a result, I established new things related to Vtracs!

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I established new things related to Vtracs


I know you keeps getting better

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this works for pick 4 to Vtracs sums rootsums that's all  that's needed....I working on pick 4 hard ....

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Press on...........

Some of the tough part you've done just takes one................

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I am a little lost sorry.

Are ypu saying like if they play say 058 you look up that  vtrac ?

Then you listed 696=21 short sum 21=1.

Thats where I am confused do I use that or just when the mirrors are called ?  Thanks

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Tonights number in pick 4 was  0252=9

So now do I look at the vtrac 4  9  or the  05 cause  that was the mirror in the number ?

Also the pick 4 would then have another vtrac number  right ?

I guess I am lost.


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