McDonalds Monopoly SweepStakes


Hello.  I am a new member here, and I would like to know if you want to split 1,000,000 dollars with me. (if you qualify)

I recently found the PARK PLACE ticket, and I need the BOARDWALK ticket to win.

Instead of going into a frenzy and buying McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I am hoping that somebody has already obtained the other half, and is searching for the other half as well.

The ticket is #521 and I need #522 to win.

If you are searching and have found this post on google, then please PM me, so we can make arrangements to split the winnings evenly 50/50.

I hope the other ticket is not in the garbage.

In response to ProfessorChaos

I have seven Park Place tickets and I'm betting whoever is holding a Boardwalk ticket has at least one too.

In response to Stack47

From the way I understand it works, they will send certain winning tickets to certain areas. 

So from my observations of your post, I suppose they sent all the Park Place tickets to the Kentucky area.  I may be mistaken, but I don't think McDonalds really wants you to win, but rather wants to entice you to buy more McDonalds food items.

If you have seven Park Place, then I am guessing that you must love McDdonalds very much.   Or you were enticed into trying to win the one million dollars.

Based on the geographical premise, they would send the Park Place tickets as far away as possible, perhaps Hawaii, Alaska or the west coast.

That being said, there would be no physical possibility of acquiring both winning tickets, (unless you were perhaps a jet-setting person)

It seems to me that you are  implying that since you have seven Park Place tickets, you are entitled to at least 1/7 of my half of the million dollars?


I also have a reading railroad, good for a $5000 target experience,  an indiana avenue which is good for a delta vacation $7,500,

and a free regular mcflurry. $2.58

In response to ProfessorChaos

They print and distribute less of one of the properties that form a monopoly. The rare properties are Mediterranean, Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ventnor, Pennsylvania Ave, Boardwalk, PA railroad, and Waterworks. It really doesn't matter how many Park Place game pieces they printed because there is only one Boardwalk out of 602,490,060 property game pieces.

"It seems to me that you are  implying that since you have seven Park Place tickets, you are entitled to at least 1/7 of my half of the million dollars?"

Nope, I'm saying Park Place is a very common game piece and it makes sense that people would go there more often hoping to get Boardwalk. The coffee cups had two game pieces, fries had two, and many of the sandwich packages had two also. Three or four trips with the family and it's easy to get lots of game pieces.

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