Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky when playing the lottery?


For instance: Have you lost more than you have invested in any of the games you have played thus far this year? Would you call yourself " unlucky" if you have? 


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With my tiny budget gor lottery, and the statistical probability known, I am doing well this year.  Will only lose $48 this yr.  I consider it lucky!


Horrible luck. Playing for ten yrs so far, spent over 40 grand most I ever won was a grand and that was at the beginning of this year.

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I think that the majority of lottery players including myself would consider ourselves unlucky. Winning a measly $2 or $3 every few months tend to strengthen that perspective.

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Yes Yes Nod Sometimes you Win Sometimes you LoseWhite Bounce

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In response to Drenick1

I am one you described Drenick1.  Rather than say unlucky, I want to believe it' s just not my turn yet, lol.

Good luck to all us players.

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I never consider myself unlucky. If I win a free ticket at Decades of Dollars, I consider that a plus.  It is more of a neutral vs a lucky or plus stance. And if I was meant to win the JP, I will. If not, it does not matter in the grand scheme of my life.

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I am most definitely unlucky. The most I've ever won at one time is $15.


Extremely unlucky, I've played HARD for the past 15 years or so & most I've won was $100.


Do you play the same numbers throughout that time from when you began until now? Past Lotto winners have said that the key to winning the jackpot is to stick to your own unique numbers on a consistant basis.

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Even though I haven't won much, I've been somewhat lucky. I buy one set of numbers about once a month and play those numbers for ten draws. The past 2-3 times I've broken even or won enough to cover my next set. Three draws left on this set and I have $6 so far.

I'm sure some don't see that as lucky, but it's better than spending $10 and getting nothing back.

It's funny that years ago, I would spend $5 a draw and almost never even win a dollar. I do a lot better now with $1, even after the matrix change.

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I believe you create your own luck so be postive and you'll attract positivity!

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In response to lejardin

I Agree! this is my prospective as well

I just hope my turn comes sooner rather then later

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In response to Artist77

That is exactly how I feel!!

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