Which will hit first?? Mega or Power


Theyre both up there. I figured they both would roll these last two draws and to get the super frenzy really going they need to both roll at least 2 more times. Im thinking it will be mega, its higher and it usually does hit before power when they are both up there, but that's who Im going to go with there. Mega will hit 1st. What do you think??

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                        PB$178 Million  VS  MM$321 Million

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Lets go Mega Dance

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Going with the Underdog


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I say Mega. It has sold more than twice as many tickets as its odds in the current cycle, while Powerball has sold just a little more than its odds.

While that doesn't mean much on the face, it can be used to calculate cumulative probabilities. The lottery uses this information to gauge press releases.

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A - A - Amo say Megamillions.

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A hurd dat.

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As far what you axed,  'bout the crystal ball teo me I'm neva gonna win,   I just consult wif anotha crystal baall.

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