Math the old math can't work it's called Transparent Math


Hi everyone

Would anyone here would like to know about Transparent Math .it takes out the old Math of the stone age.

Thanks Money X all is free

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Sure.  Bring it on!


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Please tell. We're all eyes.


Ok I will start this week a bit. I hurt my back big time.The New Math is called Transparent Math.I guess I have to show Real proof.

That I do have.

I have two programs that I invented. One I beat the casino's. The other I beat all events. The casino's on even Chances games

are Roulette, Baccarat and Dice.I beat those Games Live on the internet with no changing the rules on all three games

The big Program is where you can use Transparent Math.

The only thing is I will lay out the casino games first.All is free.

Then I will teach you to know what you look for and what you need to use Transparent Math okay.All free.I will never ask for money .

You may report me if I do .

I'm here to only to show you yes it can be done but with only a new math. There will never be a full program for anyone to use. But The ideas

are for you to use to make your own program. I hope you all have fun with this teaching.Every thing is free.

Does this sound all right too all and fair.

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bring it on


Here is what I wrote on another forum. Enjoy the read. This is what you need to get something new

Some people just talk and wish and never do.I've always said that's a waste of life.You have to push yourself to the limit and sometime the answer is a life time of work.
All the people on the forums think hey I'm better then anyone They use a progression to cover up their stupid stuff or I should say the Lack of heart to finish what they could have done by hard work.
No one has a system in the world that works. I know this because what is needed to have a real working system you need to see what the event is doing or going to do with no guessing involved. You guess you loss .That's A Law Of Math when the house has the odds on their side.
That's the reason I attack forums It's because I hate people that post things that never worked and never will.
People ANY progressions CAN'T Work. The Math Teachers and Professor's will tell you that if the Math doesn't work the system won't work. Progressions can't work EVER my friends.Live with it
Flat betting is the only way to take the casino's down period.
Now I posted a system here that uses flat betting and it works. It's been tested right here and I'm ahead after 3,000 shoes.Hey wake up 3,000 shoes still ahead . How in the HEL* can the casino's can ever get their money back.Remember it's was tested doing flat betting only.
Listen to Susan Boyle sing, she sings from the heart. She is living her dream , but it took her a lifetime. The movie Men of Honor, It fills you with pride. Cuba Gooding Jr. played the part. That was a true story the real guy it was his dream to be a Master Diver he made it.
Why am I writing this post It's showing you what you need to have and that is to really work hard and give it all you got and give it more then you got and give it more then anyone in the world would give.Now you're the man.
Listen I can beat all events . Over and over I posted this same statement and asked people to throw whatever they have at me and I will beat it live. I 'I've done it here and at the G.G and never lost in Dice ,Baccarat and Roulette doing it live. I always was man enough to step up to the plate.
What did I get from here in return nothing but insults from the people that have nothing of their own.Because they only study what is but not what could be. That statement takes a life time They only study what they see and what millions of people have already saw and tested and all fails..
To have a system that really works, you must be able to look deep and see things that NEVER EVER was seen before.


 I left this part out sorry

The key word's are, you must have the HEART the WILL and lot's of HARD WORK.Are you Willing reading these post here I don't think so. Remember every bad Idea people lose their money and some lose their family or worse their life . Can you live with that.Think about it.
Those who post a system should warn everyone this is just an Idea and remember anything can happen in gambling.


Here someone on a forum wrote about me. I also called it Hidden Math . But I change it to Transparent Math

I can tell everyone on this forum The picture represents the hole where all the old and tired roulette methods and systems have to that James's discovery will change the way everybody (well, almost everybody) thinks towards games of chance. It is the future, it is called HIDDEN MATH. It will save countless poor souls from searching the internet and only finding prehistoric

betting methods that the authors even admit don't work in the long run, how can these guys sleep at night knowing that people are losing money they can probably ill afford to lose by following something that the author himself knows can never hold up. Yet they try to discredit everyone else out of false pride for their own work. Some people have been digging themselves in a hole for years and are pushing others in as well, it is about time the real thinkers of the 21st century are allowed to show what they have rather than listening to the know-all teachers who dress up everything that was never any good and never will be any good.


Here is another post that someone made
Hidden Math is what the name describes, it throws away all the misconceptions and old ideas that we have spent years looking at. Previous spins are completely irrelevant and should not be even considered. Progressions are a slippery slope down the "devil's staircase". You have to think in terms of the session as a whole. James was right when he said this leads to a few higher dimensions and he is playing on a completely different level to anything that has been mentioned not only here but in any books, and that includes authors who I would consider very knowledgeable on the subject of gambling. It is better than card counting, better than V.B. and I think many would even swap their roulette computers for it. What I am saying is that it is both original and unique. James must take a lot of satisfaction from what he has achieved here. I don't say any of this lightly and it has inspired my thinking and creativity towards roulette again that was sadly missing for a little while.

Another post someone made about me
Hello James, thank you. I thought that I sometimes looked out of the box. It looks like you have circumnavigated it. It opens up a whole new train of thought. If I am been honest with you, I would have never arrived at any of it. Maybe 1 step at most. You will never hear me mention Hamburg again, lol. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. All I can say to anybody else is to listen carefully and let it sink in without pre-judging anything. I am more stubborn than most but have to admit defeat when the truth is staring me in the face.
It is CHECKMATE indeed for hamburg, progressions and systems based on previous spins when compared with HIDDEN MATH. It's just a shame it was so well hidden, maybe I should have went to school more, lol. No, can't take anything away from you James. You are a proper gent and a good friend.
@Snowman, this is no joke. I will tell you how serious it is. I have had my computer hacked over the last few day's and I am not a happy chappie, it shows how desperate some people are to find out what people are saying to each other, it's a good job I don't keep any information on my laptop for any longer than 24 hours, this is basically the only site I come to, (there's a joke in there somewhere ) Anyway like I said HIDDEN MATH is no joke and it will be talked about for years to come as the gaming discovery of the early 21st century


This is starting to look like a marketing scam, a lot of talk but I don't see anything.   Some hidden information

that will blow our hair back but I see nothing to indicate anything.  Lay it down and forget the drama or move




He been booted before from math forum doooot cum


Same bs


If you don't like what I do here , give the old boot then I have more time for myself. As I see it you can't read. So maybe I should teach you.

I said No Money report me if I ask for any thing. Also I delt with clowns before no deal.

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bring it on straight talk please


All I see is 8 post that have yet to say anything about how to do anything.  Post something

besides self fluff.  How does anything posted so far help anyone do anything.  Hidden math,

I guess it will remain hidden, I guess I was hoping to see some of this hidden math but how

stupid can I get, if it's reveled then it won't be hidden anymore.



Hi Everyone

If You can read read my first Post that I hava broken back.The only reson I post a bit about me it's so you get to know mea little.

Just enjoy the read right now.When I feel better this week I'll post the table games first. Then a bit what you need to learn about Transparent Math. I will teach you that even a computer can't beat me out of winning.Well thats a bold statement.

Don't be in a rush. I'm In much pain right now.

Thank you all.

Have a great day to you and your family

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