$321+ Million Megamillion.


Real amount =  around $120 million.  Now the party has really started.  You excited yet?


I checked my bank account and I was excited when it was around 41 million.  You have to play to win.

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I'm starting to show the symptoms of jackpot feverI Agree!


Anything North of $25 million is more than adequate for me & l don't mind splitting this  jackpot.

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Skeptical let the MM frenzy begin .......


rather disappointed it rolled ,

but Cheers to the next person/s we can laugh and make fun of if they foolishly waste the fortune

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In response to One-Day

With a true take home of roughly $120 million, I wouldn't mind splitting the jackpot with 2 or 3 other winners. Until then, All I can do is purchase a ticket and dream.

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Ah hurd dat.

It may not be happenin' dis week-ind, but Amowin sometam.

I been playin dis mufugga a lowng tam.  Ahm due. . . Shoo'


I'm truly ECSTATIC! I wish to be the winner more than anything!


Have a feeling the JP will get very close to the billion $. 800+

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In response to One-Day

I was hoping to see $1 billion jackpot this year. Less than 8 weeks to go so I'm thinking 2014 is a bust. Maybe in 2015.

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