New promotion from the New York lottery!

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"Buy one $5 lottery ticket of Monopoly Millionaires Club, get $1 off your next Monopoly Millionaires Club purchase"

Thoughts on this promotion? so if i wanna get 2 tickets for this game i would pay 9 bucks for 2? i dont like this promotion lol. I liked the take 5 and the mega millions promotion :(

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California lottery has a promotion going where- for $5.00 you get 2 PB & 2 Superlotto plus " QP" tixs. You save yourself a $1.00

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Wish New York would do that promo similarly :(

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I thought you were joking. They should be embarrassed to offer this.

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$1? Not even half off? Or buy one get one?

I've seen some lousy promotions but this one takes the cake. It's basically the equivalent of giving you 8 cents.


Anytime a state has to have a promotion to sell an expensive $5 lottery ticket, that means sales aren't as good as the state expected in the first place, and they have to resort to promoting the hell out of the game, to save face.


Yes I agree, and they are trying to pull players in that would not play in the first play.

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I had to see if this was real.

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Ohio have been doing that with their Classic Lotto and Rolling Cash5 games which are $1 per ticket but I can't figure their angle.  Their play slips only have five boards and to get a free ticket you have to have 10 plays on one ticket and the only way to do that is to ask for a $10 QP.  Either they want players to stop picking their own numbers or buy $5 worth of personal picks for two drawings which I don't qualify for the promotion.

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