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Hello Friends of Lottery Post;


I just wanted to mention an invaluable resource I've found with "Red's Hot sheets"..

They assist me in narrowing down the picks to hit. That is an invaluable resource

anyway you view it especially in this game. It has helped me affirm a BETTER chance to win and for that

I'm grateful for Red and his creative works, PM Red for more info... Cheers


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Thanks Cieli.

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PatriotAnytime doll...

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Red has been around a long time.  Very good at what he does.

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I Agree! Emily And to add he's willing to help you comprehend which is awesome..

Yes NodBelieve you me, many people especially in this biz won't offer you the correct time .

Don't knock it till you try it.Pumpkin


I would like more information about Red's Hot sheets, new the site and need help.  Thanks

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Red's Hot Sheet - Is this something you order over the Internet ??  If so, how much does it cost ?? Is it for ALL STATES, or is it STATE SPECIFIC ???


Idea Hello Destiny.. Pm Red for info..Smile

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Hey Cieli does he give you a sheet for everyday? I got one from him yesterday can I used it for today or does it change from day to day


Hello Musicgirl.. You can get an everyday Hotsheet or by the month for the states listed..

Jester LaughFollow the rainbow of colors to that "POT O GOLD" Lep


I visited the website - From the online example, it appears as if the Hot Sheet is primarily for Pick 3, rather than Pick 4I don't see any Pick 4numbers on the Hot SheetDid I miss somethinghere [Pick4] ??? 

Do you subscribe to Red's Newsletter ??? Does he give State Specific Pick 4 predictions in his newsletter, or is it only Pick 3 ??

For whoever uses Red's Hot Sheet:

How accurate are the state specific predictions [Pick 3 or4] in Red's Hot Sheet ???

At least this daily tip sheet is affordable. Only $1.99 daily !! You may not need to purchase it daily though. You could probably carry a few of these numbers for 2 - 3 days, 4 - 6 drawings.

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Why don't you PM or email him ALL of your questions? 

Instead of asking people who might not know all of the answers???Eek


Destiny; Red will answer your questions. Just ask.. You can purchase daily sheets or work out a plan around your needs. Some want a daily or monthly. It's up to you to decide then pull the trigger.

SmileIt's not that difficult I assure you.

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