hello everyone! Happy Halloween

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i have been off Lottery Post for some time now busy working but i'm back just in time for my BIRTHDAY! HALLOWEEN! 10/31/1972. i feel lucky in Columbus, GA..Monopoly Millionaires next drawing 10/31/14      (LPN1994)Ω

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Congrats on your first post. Green laugh

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 Happy Birthday LPN1994 !!!  I hope you celebrate both your birthday and Halloween . Your forty second.


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Happy Birthday


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Have a Happy Halloween Birthday!

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Pumpkin Have A Spook-Tacular DayBat

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend. Enjoy your day.

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Happy Halloween/Birthday

Pumpkin Welcome to Lottery Post.Party

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Sun SmileyHyperhappy birthday happy halloween have a lucky dayParty

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Happy Birthday Party/Halloween.......  Pumpkin

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Green laugh


Happy birthday! Banana

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