just discovered an amazing pick4 system


Do you share,

Keep it to yourself

Or do you take requests and just post predictions for people



(While keeping bread n butter of system to yourself)


Why would anyone post a winning strategy online

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it is entirely up to you how you choose to use your strategy but if you choose to share or help a little im game. please help MO thank you

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I wish.  I did. I'm referring to Cajunwin4 and samgirl


They never post their system. But they seem to both hit while playing minimum numbers..


Stingy members. Lol

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In response to Lildarryl

i do the same like them and a few others here! My response to them asking for freebies and to your question is -HAVE YOU DONE THE WORK ?? NO ,so then why are you panhandling for numbers ??i have s members messaging me 10 times for numbers… just get your pen and paper and GET TO WORK YOURSELF

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Sharing is caring


Arent we family

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i do the work and try different methods but none of them seem to pan out because i feel mo keeps throwing curve balls so i feel sharing with those around us we can all gain knowledge and together make a winning team i have been working the lottery on paper for about a year so i have ALOT  to learn mostly seeking knowhow not looking for anyone to do the work for me. there for if they share we all learn

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When someone has taken the trouble to put their pride aside and ask for help, they are expecting a system that really works. So unless you're sure that your system will do all they expect keep it to yourself and avoid being blamed for others losing money using your system.

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I always get a laugh when someone comes up with a "system", especially for P3 or P4, and next thing you know there are pages of people wanting numbers for their state. Really? Is it that hard to just pick a number?

Personally, I can lose just as good with my own numbers, I don't need to lose with someone elses numbers. LOL.

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Which one is the time traveler that comes back with several numbers and brags about a box win?

If someone could travel to the future, it makes more sense if they are getting the next pick-4 or pick-3 to write the number down somewhere. But then again what's the point of getting a pick-3 number with all the multimillion games.

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In response to Stack47

I Agree!

The next time I travel to the future I plan on picking up the winning PB numbers plus the names of the hottest stocks in the last year, so that I can invest my lottery winnings for a 1000% return.

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In response to Stack47

The logic of pick3 and pick4 players aren't the same as those who play the big jackpot games, they would rather lose their money trying to win $50 than a million.

In response to RJOh

RJOh, I have to both agree and disagree with you here. True, the logic is very different because Pick 3/4 players know that they must win at some point simply due to the design (numerical range) of the game. A player losing their money on a 0-9 game has much, much better odds of winning or recovering their money than the player trying to win on a 1-56-type game ALL DAY LONG...and those wins can occur more frequently. Match three numbers on Pick 3 and you get what for a str8 or box match? Match three numbers on MM's or PB and you get what? Regarding your trying to win $50 analogy, a player can simply match the front or rear pairs for a cool $50...and a member by the name of Pick 3 Guy and I done a successful little demo on this a while back.

You're comparing apples to grapes in terms of difficulty levels of winning something here, buddy. Dollar for dollar, a player's money goes 100% farther on the little games as opposed to the JP games. Skill wins Pick 3/4 while the JP games require pure, unadulterated LUCK. This, with respect to your post and opinions.



In response to rcbbuckeye

 rcbbuckeye - "Personally, I can lose just as good with my own numbers, I don't need to lose with someone elses numbers."

This reminds me of the title to Tyler Perry's movie, "I Can Do Bad, All By Myself." 

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In response to Lucky Loser

I find it hard to believe pick3 and pick4 players win more of their money back than players of other games since most lotteries claim those games are their most profitable ones.

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