Best pair chart ever!!

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Isn't pair analysis chart suppose to be like this?

Lottery post  have the same thing, but pair analysis presentation is soCrazy ..the pair goes from top-to-bottom randomly..


This top chart is so easy..if I want to play front digit "3" pair, 38 is due,its blue, next due is 30, again next is 37

I can see clearly...whats going on with digit "3" pair..

Now if I want to play digit "1" pair...I can see clearly most of them are dues..

I think when we do pair is not important...important is what pair is due?


There are so many automakers, all cars have four tires on the side. They don't say hey...I want to be company starts to put one tire in the middle and three on the sides..other company will do the same?...I don't think so...why?

They change the design of the car, but the tires are on the same place.

Lottery post can create a chart similar, thats how the chart looks like, but presentation can be different.. opinion..

Yes Nod P.S..The chart I uploaded, unable to post, was from one of the websites that closed recently.

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