Anyone playing the new Monopoly Millionaires' Club game?


Just bought 2 tickets at $5 each for Friday 10/31 drawing.  Entered the webcode, got a Community Card - Completed Cyan Property Set which was worth 4 entries into the second chance drawing.


Some people are going to be constant players, some like me will wait for the jackpot to be capped at $25 million and then some before playing, others will not touch the $5 price per ticket. The odds for possibly winning are poorer than MM or PB before the second prize amounts start going up into the 40's or 50's.

While there is the online drawing occurring to bring people onto a game show there will only be 3 people chosen per state to have a chance for $100k then the top winner can choose to go for the $1 million prize. This is not that enticing for me while some people find this to be worth more than better odds or a better jackpot.

Enjoy the game and have fun, it is your money and you can spend it however you want.


There are already multiple threads on this topic.  There are a number of people wasting money on this $5 "Jackpot" game.

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Bought 2 tickets for tonight, 11/7. 

Here are a few of my numbers:  6-8-13-16-22-37-43

Properties:  6-Connecticut & 12-St James Place

Come on Mr. Banker with your fancy club.  We want some Millionaires!! 

 I'm playing your game & waiting for my millions!  Many people need a nice Thanksgiving dinner.  I promise if you make me a Millionaire of your club, I will buy lots of Turkeys for those in need.  Turkey 

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Thats great I have some tickets also ,I hope some one win (me) so we  can see at least 14 people win a million wow thats going to be great. Good luck

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So far since it started bought 3 tickets, 1st draw won my money back. Last Friday had property and 1 number, I won 10, has not cost me a dime yet, looking forward to see what happens tonight. GL.

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Winning JACKPOT Numbers for 11/7:  1-9-11-12-27  Property:  18 B&O Railroad

ADDITIONAL MILLIONAIRES (Please verify on your state website, I just pasted from the main site)

AZ:   0221-0004-2175

DC:  DC0003-001217

FL:   7971-0035-1253,   7931-0029-2829,   7931-0029-1443

GA:  3471-0013-6217

MD:  10535-0209-0872

MO:  9321-0005-7906

NY:  NY5381-0037-5511,   NY5341-0033-2433,   NY5381-0037-4750

PA:  5781-0156-1953

TN:  9641-0009-2350

TX:  TX075 100 191 754


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS!  I hope an LP player hit one of those.

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Tami333- Thank you so much for posting the series for states. Saw that someone hit and thus reset the grandprize. Did it say which state did hit the grandprize?


For the life of me I could not find the page that had the state million dollar winners number sets. Your posting helped!

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In response to TheGameGrl

Jackpot ticket sold in New Jersey (sorry, I forgot to type that in, had to dig for it.)

The playmmc website did not show New Jersey as the jackpot, I had to click on the different states to get the results, that is silly how they have it set up.


This game is going to do well with results like that.

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In response to Tami333

The playmmc website did not show New Jersey as the jackpot, I had to click on the different states to get the results

Too bad you didn't see my post, could've saved you the trouble Wink

I too don't understand why the website does not show the jackpot winner state, but it's probably because they're trying to steer away from jackpots with this game.

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