~Why People Aren't Buying Lottery Tickets ??

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Too many loses for too many people, catching on or wising up ???





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When you see all those millionaires on Mass Lottery website created in 2014 only, you know that there is no jackpot fatigue over here. We drink our iced coffees and keep scratching those colorful cards LOL   Mass Lottery reported higher profits in the latest reports

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Good article. Sales will eventually plateau. They use casinos as an excuse but their struggling too. I see more people playing the pick 3&4  more then other games.

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Once again, they dance around the reason why...But then again it isn't cool here to think out of the box.

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Since LP is a HUGE website with lots of traffic, people are seeing my signature and finally realizing that they're virtually throwing their hard earned money away on something that is very unlikely to happen to them in their lifetime. Finally, I can say I did my good deed in the world. Big Grin



Sorry LP members, can't take any autographs today, all booked up at the Bellagio book signing in Vegas for the next two weeks.Green laugh

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    "0.1% of people who play for a major JP will win in their lifetime." ~OM

I Agree!

So you can't win unless you buy in- REALLY ???

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It is divide and conquer.  There are so many games that nobody wins anything on any of them.  It is at the point that you cant play all the games cause it costs too much.  Also there are a lot of really stupid new games ( at least here in Michigan)  EZMatch and poker lotto have terrible prizes for the odds.  The daily Keno prize here is $250,000 so when you finally get that once in lifetimes win you have to pay the extra 3.8% Obamacare tax...Yay!

I don't want to win  anything between $145,000 and $2,000,000 because anything in that range isn't worth screwing up your Federal taxes over for the only big win you are ever going to get...if you get it.

Too many games with stupid odds and bad prizes.  The games don't appeal to everyone so people choose the games they like.  Each game then has fewer people playing.  Fewer people playing means the already slow jackpot rolls get slower.

Fewer people on the non jackpot games means few and far between top prize winners...divide and conquer...

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So you can't win unless you buy in- REALLY ???


That's the lie. Basically they're saying that If you don't buy a ticket, you can never win. Although that's a true statement, it's an illusion too. 

Here's an example that is way out there but makes the point. Imagine despite the ridiculous odds of 5 trillion to 1, someone wins every month. Does the fact that someone wins every month justify playing to hit that goal? A goal that is sooooo far out of reach, that your stubborness/arrogance won't allow any amount of logic to get in your way? lol

Can God create a rock so heavy that even HE can't pick it up?

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The link in the OP brings me right back to this thread. This happening to anyone else?


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The link took me to a story about a decline in sales in Maryland.

I just read the TLC October meeting minutes. For fiscal year ending in August, sales in Tx were at a record again, almost 4.4 billion dollars. Draw games were down a little, scratchers were up. For the past couple years at least, scratch offs are the biggest sellers. Funny because I don't play scratchers very often, but I play all the jackpot games and Daily 4.

A side note, here in Tx PB sales are down, as they also mentioned in the article about Maryland. They are changing the game sometime early next year. One thing that would help bring up sales is change ticket cost back to $1. But don't hold your breath on that.


Lottery sales have gone flat in several states, but not necessarily as a result of gamblers waking up to the fact that the house always wins.


“jackpot fatigue”  seems to be part of the reason.


“players may be becoming numb to soaring prize numbers,” and so they’re not buying lottery tickets at the blazing pace set in the past.


I just read this at


I also think that people including myself are getting feed up with these long runs so the lottery can keep making big money by enticing people to get in the game.

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In another thread we're deciding if MM sales higher, lower, or flat, but I came to the conclusion with the effect of changes in that game, changes in PB, the new Monopoly game, the size of either game's jackpots and other contributing factors, overall sales of all games is the only way to tell. If lottery sales are down in Maryland, there must be a contributing factor which I'm guessing is their casinos.

"A side note, here in Tx PB sales are down, as they also mentioned in the article about Maryland."

And as you said Texas sales are at record highs, but because of its size, Texas doesn't have the same competition other states have.

In addition to simple fatigue and a lack of excitement for the same old games, lottery sales have also been hurt by the spread of casinos according to some research. 

Ohio is still opening new casinos and possibly effecting Northern KY ticket sales, but historically casinos had more of an effect on horse and dog race tracks. Not very many people go into a casino with just $1 dollar to bet and I don't see how casinos have that big of an effect on lotteries. The future of some state lotteries might be partnerships with casinos and online gaming with other states.

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Re: you sig and people finally realizing they're throwing their money away, I'd have to say yes and know on that. Follow along please, in any form of gambling those running the games, 'the house', know that they are in the ego business as well as the gambling business.

A lot of players have big egos, not all, but a lot, and for those who do a statement like the one in your sig triggers something in them that makes them think, "Oh yeah....well I'll be the one to show you."


Good point about people not going to casinos with just $1.

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