Missouri Triple Play


I have recently become aware of this lottery game.  Did this game begin in February of 2014? 

Do you play this game? 

What might your thoughts be on this game's format?


I guess we do not have any members from Missouri.  That comes as a bit of a surprise.

I am of the opinion that 4/60 would be a bit easier than 5/39.  I could be wrong; I usually am. 

Now please don't quote me the odds.  I don't play odds.  I play numbers.  Or rather they play me; play me for a fool.

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Go to the Missouri lottery's web page and look the game up.

I'm not sure when it started but it's been around for a good few months.

It's a game of descending jackpots.

In response to Coin Toss

I did look the the web site.  There is no mention of this game on their front page.  From the few clues I could decipher one must sign up to see the results.  So I went to sign up. 

The web site wants your username (no problem), a pass word (again, no problem), you mailing address (uh, wait a sec!  Why?), your phone number (I'm gone), your DNA, bank account number, blood type, three closest living relatives, three friends who have known you for more than 20 years.....  OK, so I just kidding about those last requirement. 

So I come to LP to discover the results.


I have good news and bad news.

The good news is using a rather rusty and dusty calculator which I found on the Web, there are 487,635 possible combination in this game.  That is less than a 5/39 game which has 575,757 possible combinations.  Also the player (or sucker depending on your dispensation) gets two additional plays picked by the computer for free.

The bad news is each play costs $2.

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I'm not in Missouri but have been a member of their site for awhile. At the time I joined all they wanted was username, an e-mail, and phone #.

I just did a search "Missouri Lottery" and went to the first link but didn't sign in.

The page that comes up should have a bunch of labeled blue bars. From there go to How to play, the last blue bar. That will bring up a page of different games, the bottom one on that page is $250K Triple Play. Click on leant to play and then keep clicking on Next, this will give you a horizontal slide show, left to right, that gives you all the game info.

Here's some of the last slides:

The Game 1 section of the ticket will show the four numbers you selected to play. To win $250,000, match these four numbers to those drawn.

Quick Pick numbers for Games 2 and 3 will automatically display on your ticket � giving you an additional EIGHT plays of four numbers.

Game 2 gives you three additional sets of numbers. If any of your number sets in Game 2 match the numbers drawn, you win $10,000.

Game 3 gives you five additional sets of numbers. If any of your number sets in Game 3 match all four numbers drawn, you collect $5,000!

That's what I meant by descending jackpots.


Thanks, Coin Toss.  While I did not see those blue bars, I did discover the links to their Triplay game.  Your reply told me the information was there; I just needed to find it.

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