please help me Dream help


Please help me 

i dreamed that Kanye West helped me get a job and we hugged and exchanged thankyou 

any numbers would help Thankyou so much!!!

In response to Mzfashion

The last time I dreamt of kayne west 637 drop. Gl

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In response to Mzfashion

6915   015

150x   158x   0158

115x  155   1515


6, 9, 15, 23, 32, 51, 69


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In response to Mzfashion

Exchanged phone numbers?

In response to gsWinner

No he said Thankyou and I said Thankyou that was it he walked away

In response to MystiQue470

Thanks so much for your help your numbers always help!

In response to bestresult32

Ok thanks bestresults 637 is a go for sure!

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The dream means do not waste your time on lottery.

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