U invent Super Pick-3 & Pick-4 software $$

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Bang Head   Late each night  U work on a code 4 UR pick-3 and pick-4 software. It has been five years of work

and many tears plus it cost U lotta a money. ThudOn Xmas Eve of 2014 U suddenly hear a voice.....

Stretch speaking and it actually called U by UR first name. U shake UR head rapidly cause U think U must be

going crazy.   ROFL   The "voice" ..... gave U a code so awesome that it worked the first time U plugged it

into UR software.   Hurray!   YES, it is a Money Maker a BIG HIT and U play it again, again and again $$$$$

But, now it is January 15, 2015 and U have had so much success in the past 3 weeks U wonder how it

can last >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Leaving         Shifty $$$$$ Shifty  $$$$$ Shifty  $$$$$ Shifty $$$$$

YOU know the lottery commissioner must B planning 2 cut UR winnings OFF soon but how will THEY ???

WILL U KEEP-ON playing UR SOFT>>>>>>>>>Leaving           Shifty $$$$$ WILL U SELL IT ?????????????

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In response to psykomo

the right soft will always work  !

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