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Hi Everyone!

I hope there are a couple of tech wizards on here who can assist me!

I am trying to log into my National Lottery account but I can't seem to access the website, I tried one of those website testers and it says that the website is online but I keep getting a 'unable to connect' error.

I haven't bought a ticket in like 6 months and I recently got a new laptop so maybe my anti-virus is blocking it for a strange reason?

I rang the help number on the lottery site and they said my account is fine and they didn't seem to help me much (I don't think they knew what was going on


Any ideas?

Want to grab a couple of lines for the £150M JP!


Anti-Virus = Norton & Malwarebytes


I can access the site OK. Try clearing all your cookies and web cache and then try again.


No luck, nevermind.... I guess I will have to purchase some tickets from the shop!


No luck getting the online to work, had to buy a ticket from the shop instead.


Good luck to everyone playing on Friday!

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do you still have your old computer? does it still  work on that?

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When this sort of thing happens there is a fair chance your ISP has been blocked.  For example someone else also using the same ISP attempted to hack the site so everyone using that ISP is blocked.  Do a search like: What's my isp, you should get a set like ask UK lottery support to look into whether they are blocking your number.

Suggest trying from a friend's machine, don't leave anything behind unless a very good friend.

Try a free proxy tool like UltraSurf that masks your ISP with another.

Some gambling sites cannot be accessed from other countries, sometimes when you select a country from a column it doesn't take and you get listed as being from an A country that's blocked.

Or it it could be something stupid.


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