CA Lottery Gross Sales Top $5 BillionGross

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Official report that they have a big winning year attributing big JP, Mega Millions & Power Ball

The biggest grossing CA lottery store in the entire state is one one on the CA/Nevada  State line

Think that the Nevada legislators will come to their senses by over riding the gross & greedy casino issue control???

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Nipton station ?

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Thanks haymaker,

Nipton Station OK for a out of the convenient way but the big daddy lottery outlet for CA is @ Prim (NV/CA State Line)


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yeah heard about that one, people from Nevada come right on over and play when the jackpot swells up like it is now..heard the line can get up to hours upon hours for the wait...

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In response to eddessaknight

Yeah, I used to head out to Nipton when the Primm valley location was'nt there yet.

Most did'nt even know where Nipton was.

Primm Was called stateline then. Back then you might have said " Theres no there, there" LOL

I just like driving in the desert.

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