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We all know that not every ticket is a winner.  So after you've checked your tenth consecutive losing ticket, you might feel the need to curse.  Which word is YOUR fave?


Honestly, I don't curse and pass getting upset. It took almost a year for me to retrain my thoughts realizing that if I expected to win I should be happy for others that win, know that I was going to win and keep a positive outlook for the next game. When I miss as I missed miserably last night on the PB  just brush it off, see what and why I missed and get ready for the next draw   I normally always get at least 2/5 and several 3/5, 4/5 so when I get 0/5 I smile , say hmmm and for 17 seconds reroute my thoughts to get ready win the next  game


Great comments about being positive.  What I get upset over is the OBVIOUS numbers I MISSED or failed to play on the SAME line.  I had ALL 5 numbers for Fridays numbers 4 on 2 lines (2 each for FP's) and the last number on a 3rd line. 

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That happens to me too.  3 weeks ago playing the Mega, I normally play 20-30 lines. I gad every number including the BB but not all on one line.  I did gave 4/5 plus BB. When I miss like this or like you did I say to myself WOW, I had EVERY number.  Something not many people can do. Think POSITIVE NOT negative.  Negative brings negative thoughts and listing tickets.  Thinking POSITIVE brings WINNING tickets. (-:

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