My observation of tonight's game (Mega)


I'm not one for posting predictions so flame me. Lol but I do win $. And sometimes I don't but not often (-:


anyways, just thought I'd share my thoughts on tonight's game in hopes it may help y'all. If I'm wrong then I'm sorry I was wrong. Lol.   I'm seeing consecutive numbers playing tonight so pick your path and play at least two and maybe three in a row.

Watch  the your back digits and connecting  numbers from 2 draws back to present. Mega seems to connect every other draw whereas Piwerball connects EVERY DRAW 100% of the time (-:


good luck tonight LP friends!

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Thanks for the infoThumbs Up Good Luck to you this Weekend

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Well no bragging rights yet even though I got 3/5 no BB


lets try again, highest ball tonight for PB is 39 (-:

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