logistic mapping


Has anyone applied logistic mapping to their lottery research?

If so, what is it? 

How might it apply to randomness?

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How is logistic mapping done?

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At this point in time, I do not know.  I was thinking one of our math heads could give me a "Logistic mapping for Dummies" answer before I delve further into the concept.

I suppose there is no hope but to search the internet.  WIKI here I come.

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Perhaps this thread will help you:

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Stupid people do stupid things and you can count me as a member of this group.

I saw that thread but when I saw "RNG" I went elsewhere.  Now that you supplied a suggestion I went back and read most of it.  While the discussion was not what I was expecting, I must say the topics are interesting.

Thanks for the suggestion.  May your numbers hit (unless they match mine.  Then they better not hit).

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Pierre François Verhulst (28 October 1804, Brussels– 15 February 1849, Brussels) was a  mathematician and a doctor in number theory from the University of Ghent (Gent) in 1825.

 (1)\qquad x_{n+1} = r x_n (1-x_n)

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I saw the equation before but not in context with logistic mapping.  It was applied more to population increase/decrease. 



If we were to substitute the first digit of any 5/39 lottery drawing for X and did some iterations, would the next drawing's first digit be found within, say, the first five iteration? 

I will have to program this into the computer and see just how many iterations must be performed before there was a match between the two drawings.

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I had this in algebra, but it was about algorithms there. I won't look it up.

One has to see practical applications to understand what is meant.

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