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..Seems like an interesting game..dont know too many details on it as yet tho...does anyone know if this will be an on-going game or a .one-shot' deal .. ?  .. i believe its 5-bucks a ticket with 'Three chances to win .. picking 6 numbers out of a field of 52.....then logging your ticket number in on line for a chance to appear on a Las Vegas game show .. ? 

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I will play it a few times.  I'm already wasting money on the Mega & PowerBall, might as well try this one.

$5 per ticket

Towin the Top Prize, players must match 5 numbers from 1 to 52 as well as a randomly generated sixth number, or ‘quick-pick', from 1-28. However, the numbers 1-28 will also be represented by Monopoly board game properties. Each ticket will also carry a unique ‘Millionaire Club number' that will give players the chance to win one of 10 additional prizes if they fail to win the main jackpot.

 Each time the Top Prize is won, there will be at least 10 additional $1 million winners. Once the Top Prize amount reaches $25 million, all additional prize money creates more $1 million prizes, giving players more chances to become millionaires than any other Lottery game. 

(Based on matching 5 numbers, you're better off playing Power Ball for $2 a ticket, $1 Million vs. $100k, hmm, which would I want?  I guess there are less numbers though, only 52)

Numbers MatchedPrizeOdds of Winning
5 + Millionaire Club numberJackpot/Club Prizes1 in 72,770,880
5$100,0001 in 2,695,218
4 + Millionaire Club number$20,0001 in 309,663
4$5001 in 11,469
3 + Millionaire Club number$2501 in 6,731
2 + Millionaire Club number$251 in 449
3$201 in 249
1 + Millionaire Club number$101 in 82
Millionaire Club number only$71 in 47
2$51 in 16
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In response to emerald64

Here's an extensive thread/poll about the game:

Anyway, yes, it will be an ongoing deal. There will be 18 episodes of the game show taped in the first 4 months of 2015. My guess is that they will stick with the game for at least a year since many states aren't joining until spring. I've heard that they plan to re-evaluate the game and its jackpot cap based on sales, interest, etc. after all the others have begun participating. There are models/estimates of game performance, but we're really breaking new ground with a $5 national game.

Dollar-for-dollar, MMC's $100K prize has worse odds than Powerball's $1 million prize, though it's not really fair to compare games by just one prize. The game does have better overall odds. However, dollar-for-dollar, MMC's $1 million Club prizes will have significantly worse odds than Powerball's $1 million prize for the first few drawings. It won't have better odds for that prize level until there are about 37 prizes with 5.2 million tickets in the draw. As I'm sure you're aware, the odds for the Club prizes depend on the number of tickets sold (i.e. raffle). If anyone wants to know the math behind that they can PM me.

This would not be a game that I recommend playing every week. MUSL projects only 6-7 hits per year, which means out of $260 worth of play you would only get $35 worth of actual opportunities to take home a $1 million prize. There is the TV show of course, which should prove interesting, but many players are older and not into that. This is more a game you play every now and then or when all the others are bleh.

I would definitely say to avoid the first 5 draws or so. That is when the Club prizes and jackpot will be lowest and payback equally poor.

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..Thanks All for the *info ! .. Sounds inviting.. im definetly going to try it out !  Maybe..Just Maybe i'll get LUCKY !!!  ;)


As of 10/13 the Unclaimed Prize report show 2 jackpot prizes left to claim and 3 $15k prizes left to be claimed. 

I always check with this report before playing any new scratch off game. 

In response to kapla

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I just realized what game you are talking about! NOT the NY Lottery scratch-off game. 

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In response to kapla

lol.... alrighty then .. Crazy 

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I have my play slip ready!!!!  It has 4 panels on it so you will be tempted to play all 4 ($20) 

Computer picks your Property Name/Number (1-28) and also the Millionaire Club Number.  They only draw the Millionaire Club numbers if someone wins the jackpot (top prize), with a minimum of 10 from the tickets purchased in all jurisdictions for that drawing. 

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aaahhh ! Thanks for the 'heads-up ! ..Play slips are out ? i havent seen them yet.i couild have over-looked...are you in NY ?

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In response to emerald64

I'm in Michigan.  Some locations did not have them yet, I guess it depends on if the local lottery person dropped them off. They also had a big sign on the counter that showed a sample of what the ticket will look like.  If I can win the 3-digit tonight, maybe I'll splurge and buy 10 tickets.  So MSL, can I please see 622 tonight so I can roll some back in to the MMC drawing? 

In response to LottoMetro

This $5MONOPOLY Game will eventually be CANCELLEDNO DOUBT ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The onlyMillionaires will be the National Lottery Commission sponsoring this game. This CruelJOKE is on the foolish Public playing this game.

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In response to destinycreation

You could be right.  I don't like that I can't pick my property number and they will have control of it, especially when there are 28 numbers, feels rigged already the more I read. 

I also feel it should be opposite, if "no one" wins the jackpot, that's when they should pull the additional $1 Mill prizes.  They have this written as someone needs to win the Jackpot before part 2 can happen.

If anyone plays, we should start posting just the property numbers to see if "ALL 28" are handed out and compare to the Friday draw.

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In response to Tami333

eeehh we'll see how it goes..Im def going to try it out..5-dollars is pricey for me..i never even play the 5-dollar instant scratch offs..but ill prob just just this Monopoly one once..and im looking at ..932 for tonites numbers draw !  ;)  Good Luck !!


it should start here in new york today on my win 10 tickets from last night it says it comes to new york on 10/19.Is there any study done on what numbers to play in a new game.??    1-52 is pretty close to the cash for life game of 1-60.I think I will try the hot numbers from that game.

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In response to Tami333

I've got my playslips too Smile I also noticed the 4 panels and immediately thought, "Yeah that's particularly convenient." LOL

By the way, the Millionaires' Club numbers thing is a ruse. I know that some people are going to be thinking things like there are patterns in the string of characters for picked tickets, but the truth is that the lottery will just pick winners like you would pick a regular raffle, i.e. the 423,322nd and 211,333rd ticket sold are winners. The club number is just another way of identifying that information.

People complain about it being computerized and not having control, but the reality is that you will only win by pure luck regardless how your numbers are chosen. As far as "fairness," MUSL's RNG is very sophisticated and uses quantum effect noise that produces numbers better random than even some ball drawings in undeveloped or emerging countries. It would also be very difficult to rig unless you had collusion from multiple parties...the same needed to rig ball drawings.

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