Pick 3 Exposed! For real, For real! Series 1 -by Gambit!

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Good day everybody, It's Gambit here! Cool

I just want to give out some of my thoughts about the usual conventional pick 3 game, although I don't play it at all and have never played it.

Ok, let's begin shall we?!

First of all, we all know that the art of being wise is knowing what to overlook right?
So according to a law of probabilities, certain laws of probabilities obey a certain outcome.

So we all know that in a pick 3 game there are numbers from 0-9. (If your a wise lottery philosopher, I'm sure you should already know this).

So first things first, let's eliminate the ways which are NOT worth the wager:

1) Triplets!

You only play this when you wish for luck. But if you're a person like me who doesn't wish for luck but makes he's own, then let's go on.

2) Doubles in your combination(s) of 3.

Just like triplets, the odds are against combinations like this. It would be best to take the money your wagering from the doubles to the all different numbers combinations.

So you see, there are only 10 numbers really, 0-9. If you're a doubles or triplets fanatic, then you should be ok with winning 5% of the time and losing 95% of the time, still a fanatic of doubles and triplets? Ok then all the best tough guy. But I will tell you this tough guy, this game is ruthless and it doesn't care who you are, whether your a president of US or the 21st century Einstein - those numbers don't care!

But I know that all wise players know how to say 'no' to the good, in order to say 'yes' to the best.

3) All the slot modes (exact order modes). Just pick 1 slot mode and love it.

Low Number Slot(L)-Medium Number Slot(M)-High Number Slot(H)

~ L-M-H
~ L-H-M
~ M-L-H
~ M-H-L
~ M-L-H
~ H-L-M
~ H-M-L

(Or even better) Remember, one of the great chess players, Emanuel Lasker said, 'If you see a good move think of a better one.' So I'll show you, later, how to track and trap the winning slot mode.

4) Combo(s) with a consecutive pair.

Take a look at this:

    Say you had the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6:

   This are you combos of combos with a consecutive pair:

    1] 1,2,3
    2] 1,2,4
    3] 1,2,5
    4] 1,2,6
    5] 2,3,4
    6] 2,3,5
    7] 2,3,6
    8] 3,4,5
    9] 3,4,6
    10] 4,5,6

   And this are your combos of combos with numbers isolated to one another:

   1] 1,3,5
   2] 1,3,6
   3] 1,4,6
   4] 2,4,6

   So the is an outrageous '10' combos of combos with a consecutive pair, and a far better more relieving '4' combos of combos with numbers that are isolated to one another. So... Does that ring a bell? Sun Smiley

5) Playing all the numbers.
    Ye can't play em all.

    In the world of lottery...
    He who wheels a few numbers, and only a few;
    May hope to make a net profit before life is done. But most
    of the time, He who wheels every number;
    must reap every number he sows;
    a harvest of barren regret. [-Gambit]


    And so no more bunch of baloney, since we need to wheel a few numbers. Then, now for the most 
    interesting part of all, How to wheel the numbers that will win between a specific time frame to make
    a net profit:


Hold it! I will first need to prove this in the predictions forum first... starting from Monday next week. Please do not expect winning results immediately, and If I don't post prediction(s) starting from Monday then it means I'm dead or you can never ever trust me again. But what I know is, it's far most probably me or nothing. And don't worry, the combos will never exceed 10, so my standard membership is perfect for my predictions and for keeping money in your pocket.

   So, Monday it is,
   Starting with Texas Pick 3,
   morning, midday, evening and night!

   B.t.w, feel free to PM and ask me for tips. And I am also in need of a strong lottery syndicate of just a few
   players, no more than 4 players (including myself).


   "It's me and the 1000 odds of winning, and I am trying to prove something."

So, until monday, if God is willing.
Yours sincerely

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Nice, you must have changed your mind.

Now you want to help all people in the world win lottery.


This is opposite from your reaction to my attempt helping people win lottery in this thread


You wrote this:

"Besides being paid to share that secret, what do you gain by telling the whole world your secret to winning big?

I mean that's just sounds so darn stupid to me. Because everyone would play and everyone would be winning, resulting into a share of 0.01 or the odds being increased to avoid such a thing.

The has to be losers, and very I'm glad the are, otherwise there wouldn't be winners. LOL

B.t.w, if you knew a very extremely cheap secret to winning a jackpot in for example, Mega Millions within 10 draws, would you tell? I bet not! No matter how crazy you are, I bet not! Unless you already are a millionaire."

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In response to mmx1

People change. lol

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So according to a law of probabilities, certain laws of probabilities obey a certain outcome.

The only reason I play this game.

I created a system called "when to play ten" involving consecutives.

Works pretty well since consecutives play 7 out of 14 draws in CT.

Meaning they play everyday.

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In response to mmx1

Lol. LOL

Wait, but hold it! You never read properly. Just when I started, I did say, 'Good day everybody, I just want to share 'some' of my thoughts..." [Note: 'thoughts,' not necessarily secrets].

The real deal secret is how to wheel a few numbers, which I am afraid to tell. And it won't be long before I make the pick 3 lottery commissioners look like a Jack-in-the-Box

Banana   Party

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Green laugh

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In response to ThaJackpotkid

Oh, b.t.w, I forgot to mention something. It would definitely be 'best' for me to charge you guys, just as to my reason mmx reminded me of. LOL Just joking, ofcourse, this world is rough so I am forced to charge.

Imagine this, you're the cake who solves the lottery and everybody in the world admires you but you have no cent. And people forget you the next day, and you still are broke after all that hard work. Solving this pick 3 darn thing is fliping fliping fliping as hard as creating a light bulb for the first time in the world.

Never would I ever do that to myself, whoever you are, you will be charged.

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could we use your list in a game such as in Mass. where  it is a pick4 but it pays on the front 3.

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In response to CTNY

To clarify -your system is based on playing consecutives pairs,and is best playing the longest out con. Pair in  2 of the coldest due  positions-there are 6 positions !3rd digit is 2 of the hottest numbers and 2 of the most due with that particular pair.About 6-8combos.Use to play like  this long time ago,but i have something more revolutionary for a while.

Ex-Nj history,0|0,1|1,2|2,3|3,4|4,5|5,6|6,7|7,8|8,9&bx=y&pz=6&dt=2

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In response to Igamble

Thanks for that info. Appreciate it!!

If I don't have time to single out the winner I'll throw a net of 21 consecutive combos per Key Digit!!

That's bound to catch something. When in doubt play consecutive combos. lol

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In response to ThaJackpotkid

Noticed you left out combos of combos with consecutive pairs in step 4......






Might be some others. 

Id there a reason?



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In response to ThaJackpotkid

As soon as you start discussing charging people for a lottery system I will have to suspend your account.  There is no free advertising here.  This website is for people to discuss and share -- not for people to advertise stuff for free.

In response to ThaJackpotkid

"Imagine this, you're the cake who solves the lottery and everybody in the world admires you but you have no cent."

Nope I can't imagine how someone could solve the lottery, but can't make a bet and collect the winnings.

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In response to Todd

Woahoho... Sorry buddy. 


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In response to Stack47

Stack47, as soon as the lottery commissioners realise that it has been solved [P3], and that there is an art to predicting this thing. They would shut it down with immediate effect. Now... I hope you get me.

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