Most wins in a row? What system were u using then?

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 What were the most wins you ever had in a row for the Pick 3 or 4? Box or Straight ?

 What system were you using at the time?  How many numbers did it take per draw to do it at the time? 


  Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the communist party? Thud

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Almost forgot. My record was 5 Box wins in a row. Won both the Midday and Evening 2 days in a row and the Mid on the 3 day.

My good friend did 7 in a row.  We were using almost the same 30 box numbers per game.


I hit straight. Nov 2012. And july 2012.

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I hit pairs play (Pick 3) 4 days in a row +1/-1 in Pennsylvania back in 1997.

Using an old version of a DOS program called LottoPro 1984 edition I won 3 or 4 straights also in 1996/1997 but never in a row.

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Pick 4    - September 2 Straights

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August 2014 five straights in a row.....Pick-3 playing 80 numbers. System: reference box with 30 draw history.

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What is the list of 60 numbers?


Won 3 in a row last year but only Box wins. No big money. Louisiana doesn't play fair at all. Play box get straight. Play straight get box.

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Why not play combo?

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Oh yeah. Combo,the kiss of death for both in Louisiana games.

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Never better than 2 in a row. One box one Str8, but several in one lucky week. Playing the all even,all odd,high low etc.

Interesting and good to hear about big wins from others at least. Good question   


I hit 5 days in a row, and one of the 5 days I hit day and night.  They were .50 plays of about 15-20 numbers, of course the ones I did play 50/50 did'nt come the exact way. This was years ago, I used the system of Steve Players, consecutive pairs.  Have'nt played consistently in a while, seems like North Carolina Pick 3 just won't cooperate.

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Which Steve Player system did you use ???

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I also hit 2 in a row, funny part was - same number midday & eve!  Hit it boxed each time, but was playing st/bx - Confused

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