What state will win the Mega Millions jackpot

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Since the MM's cash jackpot is halfway to 100million,  it is time to guess what state will win.  If the state isn't listed above,  list it in your comment

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Just to make the conspiracy folks go nuts.

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I voted Texas, I always do - I want to be the one to win.

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Mega$93Million Let it RollWhite Bounce

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PartyCentral California i.e. Fresno  "ME"No Pity!

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Green laugh

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You won't win unless you buy your tickets in the Bay Area.

& Yeah California will win the next mm drawing no doubt.

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I'm going with Idaho, Wyoming or Montana. But California winning would be funny.

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It will roll 'til 400M Smile

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...and when it does I'm going to Cali to buy my ticket...lolLOL

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That would be so funny.

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How funny will it be when they win the mega millions jackpot?

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Oklahoma(will be 1st time)

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Oh, it's just ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS that Northern California wins most of the big jackpots! That makes it SO FUN for non-Californians! Yippie! Roll Eyes


just got my ticket today. Good luck everyone!


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