Todd thank you for starting this Website. I really appreciate you..


And as a token of appreciation I pledge to be a Platinum member for as long as Im using your forums...


Thanks again.

music*'s avatar - DiscoBallGlowing

Although I am not a Platinum member may I just say , "Ditto" See Ya! on your appreciation.

cbr$'s avatar - maren

I   also appreciate your website. It is one of the best out here. I appreciate the fact you are always constantly finding ways to improve the site. Thank you Todd 

helpmewin's avatar - dandy
In response to Lildarryl

What a Nice thing to say and i  I Agree!  Thanks Todd Hurray!

Nikkicute's avatar - wi lotto3.jpg

I Agree!100%

Atomic Dog's avatar - sniffer



Yes Todd, thank you!  This website has enriched us all ..... either monetarily or educationally.  For some, even spiritually.   Big Grin Angel Confused Evil Looking

aux8b's avatar - home

Smile  Thank You Todd

psykomo's avatar - animal shark.jpg
In response to cbr$


Psyko seconds D motion on UR>>>>post  I Agree! >>>> PartyDance

No Won has  web like"this"

WON-Todd's the"Real Won"

on D big World Wide Web !


MzDuffleBaglady's avatar - Lottery-061.jpg
In response to Lildarryl



I meant to say using the tools. 


I no longer need tools. 


I don't play often amymore

MzDuffleBaglady's avatar - Lottery-061.jpg
In response to Lildarryl

It says "Standard".

What do you mean?

parkerdog48's avatar - butterfly2

i appreciate you and i PROMISE!!! when i get my first big win i will become platinum i havn't  the $$ for it now   but none the less thank you

Duchess69's avatar - Lottery-064.jpg

Thanks you all the way from all the way from Coastal Georgia.........US Flag I salute you for making this site...


Thanks Todd!

I wish there was more of a UK community but I don't mind!

RJOh's avatar - chipmunk
In response to JoshUK

Maybe UK have their own version of a LP, if not maybe it's time to start one.

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