College Student Who Just Got into Scratchers – Advice?


Hey guys!

I'm in my first year of college, and recently I've begun treating myself to a few scratchers every week, particularly on Fridays or after a big test or assignment as a sort of "reward". Do you guys have any advice to maximize the fun while playing without any of the stress? I don't want to get addicted and would like to keep it as nothing more than a nice little treat for myself. Is this a good system? Also, do you guys usually buy from the same place? And do you tend to buy the same scratcher each time you play, or do you try different games? Thanks, and sorry for the newbie post! Keep scratchin' Wink

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I play the ones with the best odds, regardless of cost. Some get freaked out spending $20 on a scratcher but instead of buying lots of little tickets I save up and get a big one. I think playing more can lead to addiction easier. I usually buy from same places but it doesn't really matter and I like to mix it up every once and awhile. If I'm buying more than 1 ticket I'll usually stick to the same game. But that's rare since I'm a one ticket guy Smile


My advice is to pick a limit on how much you want to spend and don't go over it and above all, stay positive and have fun!

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The best advice is only play with money you don't need or wouldn't miss because chances are you won't get it back. If you are getting stressed out from losing money you are playing with money that you can't afford to lose. Remember the lottery is supposed to be fun, not stressful.

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Don't waste your money/time on cards costing less than $5. On the other hand, assuming you're a typical college student who doesn't have a lot of money to spend - the $20 and up cards might be a little too expensive. Thus I would recommend you key on the $5 and $10 cards.


Only play the money you can comfortably afford to lose. If you lost the money you were going to play,

it shouldn't put any financial pressure or stress on you at all.



I don't know your finances or your financial situation but your probably better off not playing at all. I'm

paying back my student loans now, and if I had done just a few things different while earning my degree

I wouldn't be in nearly so much debt. 


If you really want to my suggestions are to buy at least 2-3 of the same time at a time and never chase a win.

If there's a $5 ticket you like, buy 2 or 3 and take them home to scratch them. If you have a little extra and

want to try the $20's then buy two and take them home. Never feed the machine with the attitude that it has

to pay out soon after X amount of losses. You'd be surprised. I've already gone through 8+ $20 losing tickets

in a row.


Save your money til you can buy a whole roll...

Only buy roll of new games.  Find out what day. New games drop in your state..

Find out what stores in your area has sold big winners before

Learn a lot from your states lottery website

When you buy a roll. 1 of 3 things happen. You break even. You lose. Or you profit. 

Once you win. Take the winning. And wait again for perfect time to buy whole roll of new game at a known winning store..

I only buy $10 tickets



Using this strategy I haven't won $100, 000, 000.  Lol. Good luck

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Not many college freshmen have the money to buy an entire roll of scratchers - they might graduate before they could afford just one roll!

For those on a limited budget, I recommend buying ten of the same card at one time. Do your research and only get the ones with the most top prizes left.

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They can read though. I said. Save money. Til you can afford entire roll.

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And like I said, most college freshmen can't afford to buy an entire roll. Many don't have even a part-time job. Little to no income makes it pretty hard to save up and buy scratchers by the roll. Most of the people I know who work full-time for a living can't even afford to buy by the roll.

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Are you going to school in Pennsylvania?


I am! Philadelphia, to be specific. Are you familiar with PA lottery? I'm coming from a different state, so the scratchers are a bit different here.

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In the PA Lottery, I would recommend 10X The Money and Aces High - both $10 cards. If you want some recommendations on $5 cards, let me know.

The payout on a lot of PA scratchers is weak, considering it's such a large state. $10 card top prizes usually only pay 300 grand in PA, compared to $1 Million in NC.


What are some good $5 cards? And are the $1 and $2 scratchers ever worth playing?


I would advise that you put as little money as possible into playing scratch offs.

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