2014 Wins


Be honest


I see we have some big winners. Nice

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- $20.

If it gets worse, I'll have a garage sale.  Maybe take a metal detector to the park.


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Still trying to get out of the red...

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Green laughlol... it got that bad huh? dang!!!


I know my winnings has been less than $1000. It sure doesn't feel like it when it's been months apart. I spent it faster than I could claim it.

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I do not keep track of how much I spend but I know one thing for certain and that is I am spending less in 2014 on lotto.  I do not think that mom and I have been to the casino this year once but we have been to Yan's to play video lottery machines.  So far we have won about $300 for myself and I think mom has won about $200 off machines at Yan's this year.  We bought about $200 worth of scratch-its mostly $1 and $2 tickets and some $5 tickets as well but only won back about $120 of that $200 spent on tickets.  On our state lotto megabucks we have only won $4 a couple of times and a lot of free tickets.  We played lucky lines when it is over $40,000 and won $2 about ten times and $4 a few times and $7 once.  Then on the big jackpot games powerball we play with powerplay so alot of $3 tickets but not alot of $8 and $12 winners to show for it and the most we won is $28 on powerball.  Then on mega millions I recently had a $25 off of a $2 ticket because I megaplier my $1 tickets but usually it is lose or maybe once in awhile a $5 winner because we got the mega ball and a 5 times multiplier.  So this year I think we will probably spend about $2000 to $2500 on all of our gaming between lotto and casino if we go to the casino at all.  Last year we had more financial freedom so we spent close to $3500 to $5000 on lotto and casino.  Of course the number could be alot lower since I have never kept track of our actual spending habits.  Mom came home with a big win in 2013 though off of $20 in a video lottery machine she won top prize $5000 so that offset some of our spending in lotto and gaming.-weshar75

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... and more. Good for the little money spent. More to come, I think.

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Just hit (3) $100.00 scratchers over the last couple of weeks<spent $100>, put me over the $1000 mark.....down about $450 for the year<shoulder shrug>....I am good with that

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Well, geez, that's a tough question.

I know I win a lot but 'how much' have I won? Who in the world knows? It's October and it's been a long

lottery playing, ticket scratching, draw watching year.

Do you have another thread which touches on how much a person lost in a year?...I'm sure you would hear a pin

drop on that thread. I doubt anyone would even want to talk about it.

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I Agree!    Green laugh

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What about youLildarryl, How you doin?

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Let's end the year with a bang bang bang

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I Agree!100%

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