MM 55 ALIVE in 2014

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Surprise 55 hit 9/9/14 ...................................................25-34-55-70-71+1

6-21-55-61 have been LOW hitters<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

10-23-29-35-49 are the HIGH hitters>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mega Million KAN make U"RICH" if U hit D JACKPOT!


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Welcome back psykomo. 55 landed last nite so the only thing that remains is to win that JP Cheers

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In response to psykomo

55 Party

rcbbuckeye's avatar - Lottery-062.jpg QP has 55.

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In response to sully16



      55 Party52 Thumbs Down

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Congrat's on UR rare 55 QP Sad Cheers >>>>>+>Hope UR other QP's RA winner 2 Hurray!

Don't play QP's <<<<<+< anymore, cause the lottery officials got GREEDIER  P***ed

and the players got LAZIER and more dependent on D quick pick MACHINE Stooges

Psyko does much better pick'n real numbers>>>>+> no <<<<<+< quick picks!!!

BEWARE the Bat IDE's of  2015>2016>2017>2018>2019>2020 D COMPUTER 

will BD LOTTERY 4U and D BUBBLE machine will B <<<<<<<<<<Dupe Alert        See Ya!

       PartyLET's GET RICH Party 

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Thank you 4UR welcome back.............Yes, 55 landed on 9/9/14 along  with............ 25-34-55-70-71 + 01.

Note 25 has been a repeat number 4D last three drawings. Yes, 25 is HOT >>>>>>could  55 be the KEY

2 winning that  big JACKPOT?????????????????????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$$$$$$$$$$$  Cool   Cheers

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Has it really been  almost a year since the Mega Million lottery changed there matrix?????????????

Just visited USA MEGA STATISTICS site & it shocked me into the reality that almost another

year has passed and no won on D Lottery Post has won Mega Million jackpot YET???????????

Have no fear ScaredSad CheersScared  6-10-31-55-75 +10 UR perfect ####$

                       Party$$$ Party

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