CHRISTMAS LIST 29 STRAIGHT pic 4's Merry Christmas!!

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  1. 0258 0285 0528 0582 0825 0852
  2. 0122 0212 0221
  3. 0569 0596 0659 0695 0956 0965
  4. 0159 0195 0519 0591 0915 0951
  5. 0257 0275 0527 0572 0725 0752
  6. 0015 0051 0105 0150 0501 0510
  7. 0234 0243 0324 0342 0423 0432
  8. 0347 0374 0437 0473 0734 0743
  9. 0056 0065 0506 0560 0605 0650
  10. 0599 0959 0995
  11. 0018 0081 0108 0180 0810 0801
  12. 0124 0142 0214 0241 0412 0421
  13. 0369 0396 0639 0693 0936 0963
  14. 0668 0866 0686
  15. 0679 0697 0769 0796 0967 0976
  16. 0456 0465 0546 0564 0645 0654
  17. 0016 0061 0106 0160 0610 0601
  18. 0067 0076 0607 0670 0706 0760
  19. 0044 0404 0440
  20. 0468 0486 0648 0684 0846 0864
  21. 0025 0052 0205 0250 0502 0520
  22. 0017 0071 0107 0170 0701 0710
  23. 0245 0254 0425 0452 0524 0542
  24. 0399 0939 0993
  25. 0036 0063 0306 0360 0603 0630
  26. 0014 0041 0104 0140 0401 0410
  27. 0045 0054 0405 0450 0504 0540
  28. 0345 0354 0435 0453 0534 0543
  29. 0127 0172 0217 0271 0712 0721



OK EVERYONE...SINCE THE state specific box run has just about run its course its time to bring out the STRAIGHT this was made using all is a guide..but it is ALOT MORE THAN THAT..what you have is 29 STRAIGHTS COMING and should show by 60 days..with probably 1 maybe 2 dragging in last..but in 60 days we should see them all I would think...check your state..if it has had one of these box past 6 months or a YEAR then that combo is a POSSIBILITY to come back to you state STRAIGHT...if it catches ONE STRAIGHT..your state will most likely catch another one STRAIGHT...if you do not want to chase the STRAIGHT then this list has 29 boxed combos that your state will be seeing over the next 60 days..but NO..I DO NOT KNOW HOW MANY BOX HITS YOUR STATE WILL CATCH...




I BET ONE OF YOU RIGHT NOW..a months PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP THAT TEXAS CATCHES one of these STRAIGHTS...not because it has 4 draws now...but because every time I have ran this list TEXAS HAS KICKED SOME butt on this run with many more than just ONE STRAIGHT!!!!!

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ONE THING I forgot to mention...when I post something in the forums for everyone it NORMALLY IS VERY ACCURATE...I try my hardest not to mess up any of the runs because if I mess up...then the entire run is messed I try to be as careful as possible...but I am also HUMAN..which means I make my share of mistakes as well!!!!


GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU...TERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Terry, I'll play them in Illinois. If I win, I'll buy a premium membership.

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In response to lotterybraker

Well TEXAS...maybe this will get the ball rolling for you....


Wed, Sep 10, 2014TexasDaily 4 Morning2-4-5-0, Sum It Up: 11

Thank you. I don't know what to play tonight.

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In response to lotterybraker

WELL..sometimes I hate being RIGHT all the time when it comes to RANDOM...makes me look like a KNOWITALL...but far from it...but I DO KNOW AND RECOGNISE THINGS very well...


WELL TEXAS...lets hope this will not be the LAST STRAIGHT....1 STRAIGHT down...28 to go!!!!!


Wed, Sep 10, 2014TexasDaily 4 Night0-4-0-5, Sum It Up: 9
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In response to lotterybraker

Here you go Maryland...well there is # 2...maybe this thing will bust wide open...



Thu, Sep 11, 2014MarylandPick 4 Midday0-9-9-3
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I wish I would have seen this last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job! What states do you recommend playing?

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In response to taggertpaul

well if you gamble online you can play all the STATES or choose the ones you want..I DONT RECOMMEND THE LAST ONE...this is an ALL-STATES RUN..which means I used all the states to create the run..therefore all the STATES are in play on this run...unless you can show me a FASTER WAY TO hit 29 STRAIGHTS IN PIC 4 before all the combos show...


IF YOU ARE LOOKING for something a little closer to home then I WOULD suggest you check your pic 4 in your STATE the past year against the LIST..find the combos that match the list in a box form or straight form...look for one of those to repeat...but if you dont want to chase the straight..its only 29 combos to play and hit your pic 4...but YOU NEED TO TRACK YOUR STATE BECAUSE THE KEY DIGIT HERE IS A 0 AS YOU CAN TELLyour STATE WILL NEED TO MISSING A 0..THERE ARE 10 DIGITS 0-9...AND 4 COLUMNS TO HIT A DIGIT...WHICH MEANS...IN YOUR PIC 4...EVERY 3 DRAWINGS sbe enough draws to capture a missing digit...that is if we lived in a perfect world right...but we dont..we live in a RANDOM WORLD..where 0 will show in 3 draws one time it could just as easy be 20 or 30...


SO YOU NEED TO TRACK THE DIGITS...when you think 0 will show play them...when 0 is missing or is furtherest out DEFINITLEY WANT TO PLAY THEM THEN..just remember...there is NO GUARANTEE you STATE will hit a STRAIGHT or a box for that matter..


THE ONLY GUARANTEE I can give you is that all the states will run that list and knock off all 29 straights before all the combos that is a SHORTCUT..I can get 29 STRAIGHTS in 60 days or so where it normally takes years and years and years..

In response to lotterybraker

North Carolina Midday 9/11/14 0-3-4-7 I saw this too late. Good Call

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In response to DiamondErica421

Thanks Diamonderica421....I just saw where I got another one from MIDDAY..I am trying to cook and catch up on LP at the same


Thu, Sep 11, 2014North CarolinaPick 4 Daytime0-3-4-7
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In response to lotterybraker

ok we can close ROW 8..

Now when I close a DOESNT MEAN ITS DEAD AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN..these numbers travel because I used all states to make it..just like the pic 3 run..and every time I have ran this run...THEY ALL I CLOSE A just lets me know the run is running properly and I dont have to look for it anymore


PLUS WE ARE WORKING BACKWARDS HERE..we start off with a bunch and looks for a little...and at the end..we have a little looking for a little..instead of a bunch looking for a little bit...

LIKE I MENTIONED when I CLOSE A just lets me know the run is working way to look at that is this way...THOSE NUMBERS HAVE MIXED and will start moving so to cut the list down is to play just the combos that ACTUALLY SHOWS...for example...

 A PERSON COULD JUST PLAY THE 3 STRAIGHTS THAT HAS HIT IN THEIR STATE...the 0045...0399 and the 0347..those 3 have started to move and will continue until this run is FINISH...or you can just play a few of the rows row = 1 combo...that is not to bad EVEN IF YOU KNOW THEY ARE COMING..the MULTI DRAW STATES will  and SHOULD kick some BUTT on these...possibly a single draw state as well..but they are typically SLOWER to get stuff because of JUST ONE the LOTTERIES PAYBACK..or part of their cheatring is taken care of by the extra draws...EVERYTHING RUNS FASTER when you run midday and evening together doesnt it????..there you go!!!!



Thu, Sep 11, 2014North CarolinaPick 4 Daytime0-3-4-7
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i was just curious if the list is just states or if it includes ontario as well ?

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In response to Biker-Bunni

Hello Biker Bunni....IT INCLUDES ONTARIO AS WELL...when you have a PLATINUM membership and do any searches for all STATES it automatically pulls up ONTARIO as well..a long with is part of the run meaning that LIST is good for ONTARIO.... in fact...the very day I posted this..I hit one of ONTARIOS draws box the same day...Terry

Biker-Bunni's avatar - animaniacs07

Smileythats aweome !!!thanks so much lotterybraker......ive been following your pick 3 and other posts and you certainly know what you are doing !!!! very inspiring . thank you ever so much .....have a great day .   biker-bunni

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