Any Pick 4 Guru want to decipher this person's winning techniques ??


I took this blog post from another website.

I am trying to figure out how he dies it with no luck.

Anyone wants to have a go at his secret technique ???


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Hi ,

I chanced upon yr website and wud like to share my own input with you and the rest of the ppl here ….if you dun mind, that is.

My own method of predicting and eliminating ABCD & AABC type of nos. is quite similar to yrs actually. I had been using this methods for abt 3-4 years now and it had yielded very good results for me so far.

The “strike rate” that I had with this number is pretty high but unfortunately I did not keep a record of my winnings in the 1st 2 years as I was just trying out to see whether my system really works. I did work relatively well and I started keeping my winning records starting from year 2010.

The strike rate that I had achieved for last year was 33 times with the BEST month in Dec 2010 when I hit the FIRST prize twice and the SECOND prize once. Gross winnings for last year was $34,805.

This year was even better as up to now (20/3/2011), I had already struck 9 times with 2 FIRST prizes – one each in Jan.’11 & Feb ‘11. In Jan this year I struck twice, Feb.3 times and March (so far) – 4 times. Some of my nos.came out twice in a single draw.

Gross winning so far this year is already at $33,620, so quite soon (I’m very sure) it will overtakes the profit of last year.

Dunno how to post my records here to substantiate what I had said as it is done in MS Word format. But I dun mind emailing to anyone to see for themselves…..if they are interested , of course.

Before I go on any further , I must add that my system is ONLY for I-Bet play…and not for direct nos.prediction.

Now, like what the thread starter had said……How do we choose which predict on ? Well, I had a set or group of nos (abt 7-8 of them) which I had meticously done the statistics on in determining their nos.of times of occurence during the last 25 years (record kept by the S’pore Pool) and the frequency (or regularity) in which they appear.

The nos. MUST have a high occurrence rate and a consistent regularity in which they come out every 1 or 2 mths to be of use in any good prediction. All my nos.have that. Their occurrence rate is around 200 times and regularity abt 1-2 mths for ABCD type of nos. & 100 times and 3-4 mths (approx.) for AABC nos.

The reason why I have so many nos.on hand (7-8 of them) is because of the (what I call) “Due” & “Elimination” method. Eg.for ABCD nos. once that no. had lapsed for one mth or so, after its last strike, then I wud start to follow it. And when it comes out , I will eliminate it from my list and follow the next ‘due’ nos. This works like a cycle for those nos.i have and it carries on and on…..:)

Examples of some of the more substantiate winnings I had so far this year in 2011 & also in Dec.’10 :-

11/12/2010 – 3219 1st prize ($12,450)
25/12/2010 – 2183 1st prize ($2,490)
29/12/2010 – 9125 2nd prize ($1,230)
02/01/2011 – 1394 Starter ($1,500)
29/01/2011 – 2956 1st prize ($8,300)
12/02/2011 – 2941 Consolation ($1,050)
12/02/2011 – 9321 1st prize ($16,600)
12/03/2011 – 2195 Starter ($3,500)
12/03/2011 – 2159 Consolation ($1,050)

These are just some examples. Those lesser than 1k in winning are not shown and also those b4 Dec’10.

Of coz as we all know, in any games of chance there’s no such things as a 100% sure-win system or method… matter what some may claim. :) So too is my own ’system’. Sometimes nos.which are “supposed” to be due got stuck and did not come out….and other times those which are not due yet appear b4 time. But overall, on the whole, with a ‘hit rate’ of 33 times for last year, I think my method is working rather well and I am quite happy with it. But then again, like I had said, mine is only meant for I-Bet prediction and for I-Bet if you wanna have any substantiate winnings you have to ‘bang’ quite a lot on the nos.

Reason why my this year ‘takings’ had shot up so fast is becoz firstly, after ‘testing’ out my system for quite some time , I had confidence in it and therefore dare to ‘bang’ more on my nos.than last year. Secondly, also becoz of the windfall in Dec last year which boosted my profit tremendously, I had more capital to hit on any nos.which I’m quite sure of striking. For example, in mid Feb this year I was pretty confident of my 2 hot nos. 1239 & 1249 coming out and had dumped $200 and $350 I-Bet respectively on both nos. Netted me $17,650 ($16,600 + $1,050) on those 2 !!

TIPS :- No matter how good our so-call system is, one wud still need the favor of Lady Luck ! No way in going around that if you are playing with probability games and chances. We can however try to ‘accumulate’ more good luck for yrself though, by doing more good deeds and be more compassionate towards our fellow men. These will increase our good karmas and will manifest into good fortune when the circumstances are right for you.

In order to have any luck at all, we must have a strong personal aura around us and within us. Be happy. Be positive in yr outlook and thinking. Avoid anything negative at all. Negative words, actions and even thinking will attract bad karmas to us like the plague and will pull our aura down. If that happens, you can forget abt any super duper ’system’ or whatever coz it juz aint gonna work. Believe you me. I experienced that and seen it for myself countless times already.

When you are unhappy, angry, worried, and even physically sick…..DON’T gamble. That wud only be throwing $$$ into the drain coz these are all negative stuffs and it weakens our aura and frighten Lady Luck away.

On a happier note – this year is the year of the Metal Rabbit which is generally very good for wealth creation for most. If you have a Metal element in yr chinese horoscope (like I do – I am a Metal Rat), then it wud be even better. Metal in chinese is associated with gold. Try and wear gold if possible, such as gold rings, necklace or watever. I dug out my fav gold rings kept in drawers for donkey years and started wearing them since end Nov.last year after reading horoscope. So far they had brought me pretty good luck. No harm trying eh ? ;)

PS – Apologies to the owner of this thread for hijacking it by such a long posting. Juz wanna share thats all.

Good luck to all and HUATTTTTT AHHHHH !!!! :D


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Add all numbers

Keys 3 4 5 6 7

Width 7 8 9

Type single

Pairs 01 12 23 34 45 56 67 78 89 90

Sums 7-27

Unselect box   hhhh llll oooo eeee iiii oooo


Can we do NC as an example


Add all numbers

Keys 3 4 5 6 7

Width 7 8 9

Type single

Pairs 01 12 23 34 45 56 67 78 89 90

Sums 7-27

 seems like he like my patent pending All star list

1235, 1236, 1237, 1239, 1245, 1246, 1247, 1249, 1256, 1257, 1259, 1267, 1269, 1279,1345, 1346, 1347, 1349, 1356, 1367, 1369, 1456, 1457, 1459, 1467, 1469, 1479, 1567,1569, 1679, 2345, 2346, 2347, 2349, 2356, 2357, 2359, 2367, 2369, 2379, 2456, 2457, 2459, 2467, 2469, 2479, 2567, 2569, 2579, 2679, 3456, 3457, 3459, 3467, 3469, 3479, 3567, 3569, 3679, 4567, 4569, 4579, 4679

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