were are missing lots lp members

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who do you miss ? i got quite of few of them.. Gifted child , Jackhammer john , dead aim . oh my friend tantip miss u alot girl where u at lol ?

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msgirlinga...she taught me a lot and I would love to know what happened to her.


Does anyone remember the foreign guy's name back in 2008/2009 who used to post crazy ideas, that people just laughed about ??  You could never take this guy seriously,although he took himself seriously.  I can't remember his name. [Maybe it began with a P ???]   I think he was from costa rica, or some spanish speaking country.

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That must be pumpi76

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In response to maringoman

Thats him  pumpi76 lol

In response to maringoman

That's him !!!  Whatever happened to Pumpi76 ?????  Did he change his name here on LP ??

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In response to Sherita

She  was  a  Good  one   sherita


Was  one  of  my  best  friends  on  here


Nice  person   with  a   Lot   of    Knowledge   and   Very   Helpful


She  told  me  one  time   ......Play for the Digit...........Then  play for the  Pair..........Then  play for the   Combo


I  follow  that  advice  even  to  this   day


I  haven't  heard from her for  a  long  time ( lost her home e-mail  address when my computer crashed a few years ago )


She  quit  the  lottery   " to have more time to follow  her  convictions  to the  Lord  more  closely  "


She  was  a   Sweet  Soul   ,  who  is  Greatly  missed  on  here

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In response to destinycreation

No   I  dont  think  he  changed  his   name  on  here  destiny 


Because  if  he  did ,  we  all   would  probably   still   know  it   was    Pumpi   Smile


He  was  one  of   a   kind


He  was   truly   a   hard  dog  to  keep  under   the  porch   Smile


I  miss  him   too

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In response to addai1516

Past posters/Winners is goneSmash

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In response to destinycreation

Last time Pumpi76 posted anything was July 4th 2012.

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In response to destinycreation

He was one hilarious guy. Had a unique way of looking at things. He probably decided to get a new handle

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In response to maringoman

I was wondering about him myself. According to his blog he suffered from schizophrenia unfortunately. Poor guy.


Yes, there are several people who have left LP.  Some I miss and others whose leaving was a good thing.

The reason some have left, I believe, is due to the attacks they have suffered at the hands of the narrow minded.  When a hypothesis was advanced in the hopes of inaugurating an in depth discussion, these people were attacked viscously.  So they left after a few months and I really don't blame them.  But I still miss them.

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lottoburg, what happened to him?

maringoman's avatar - images q=tbn:ANd9GcTbRxpKQmOfcCoUqF2FyqIOAwDo7rg9G-lfJLAALPGWJWwiz19eRw
In response to lottolaughs

Yeah I saw that. I also haven't seen Just Exploring commenting on LP for a while. She's nice.

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