Pick 4 key digit system

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Hello everyone,


     Just came up with a Key digit system for Pick4. It works mainly draw - to- draw, however, may skip a draw and hit next draw. Its 3 key digits for your next draw. Also, it hits great with SGL and DBl digit combos.

     The question I wanna ask: Will a 3 digit key system benefit you guys? If so, I will start posting your states by request. If not, thats cool as well and I would know to tweak the system a lil more.

     So, everyone please chime in and let me know what ya'll think. I wanna do my best in helping my Pick4 playas get more Pick4 $$$$ because Pick4 $$$ is good $$$!!Thumbs Up


What is SGL and DBI ??? I am not interested in numbers posted. How does your system actually work ??? Is it pen & paper or computer?

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mr lotto, absolutely, been trying to find a way to zero in on pairs-texas might be difficult it is a 4 draw state, but if your system can get pairs in exact order I'm cool with that, also if it works play pairs for 3 days to catch? also not interested in alot of pairs 3 at most...thanks

not sure why the previous poster has to give you slack, if you want to share but if not. I really am okay with that..thanks for the help

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SGL are single digit combos: 1234,1587,1569, etc.... numbers that aren't identical.

DBLs are: 4450,1223,1788, etc...


The system will provide  3 key digits that will show in your next Pick4 drawing: Ex, keys 5,4,0 are predicted to show in next drawing. Next drawing; 5663, which key 5 showed in next drawing.

I mainly use pen/ paper workouts to develop my workouts and systems.

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Cool, thx Lotsofwins! Keys are a good way to narrow down your numbers to play.

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I think it's terrific!  Any help with pick 4 would be greatly appreciated!

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Are you saying 5663 will be the next number drawn?

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Yes, will love this for Florida  yesterday midday was 5116 and evening was 8022 please help.

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Midday keys: 3,6,9

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Please post for Virginia Thanks Thumbs Up

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Would love to get some help here in VA and I thank you in advance.  Yesterday's picks were 4968 & 0186


NC pls

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Midday draw was 5345 eve draw was 3069 Aug 16, 2014

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morning, can you please help MO. 2201 MD/9659EVE. please help, thank you.

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