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Alright lets get right to it. i have been lurking for months and watching the forum post on the site. oi have learned alot from the users and i feel i should also share some methods i have manage to come up with on my own.


feel free to help me in ways i could also get better. 


This system is about 97% accurate and as we know, there is no 100% system out there to beat pick 3.


  • first off you need to know your mirrors.





  • Second, get the previous 2 draws in your state, it could be any. just any 2 consecutive draws.


this is GA 8/12/2014 for example mid and evening






  • Apply their mirrors next to them.







  • Now add each combination up to a root sum so8+9+2 = 19 =10 now, 10 and 20 are the only exceptions to this rule as when ever you get them as a result separate it to 1,0 and 2,0 respectively.



 892 = 19 = 10 = 1 and 0


  347 = 14 = 5

 687  = 21 = 3

 132  = 6




So 1, 0, 5, 3, 6 are the five results. one of this digits will come up in the next draw. sometimes you would get 2 results, maybe 3 it just depends. but one of these numbers would hit next draw at about 97% of the time. i tested this for about a month and had about 3 misses in 60 draws. let me know if it works for you.


let me know if you have a system that could also help me. but this is by far the best way in the final stage to filter down your numbers after you have a list of numbers to play.  Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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Update. the very next draw = 706 two of the numbers hit.


feel free to PM me if this helps you.

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I like it. I will test Florida later tonight.

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= 0, 1, 4, 5, 8


very next draw 609


hello, execel 2010, also=odd/even, 24680


ex=673=   584

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or exemplo=   574    683





154   = 0,1,4,6,8



next draw = 643


i dunno but this seems like the most accurate draw-to-draw system ive ever seem on this site.

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Nm morning 

803.  2

443.  2

358.   7

996.   6


Today's result 740.

It has promise I've used something similAR in the past.  I also look at the total roots and the widths.

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Good tool, Congrats Buddy!Thumbs Up

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Actually, it's easier to just use one of the numbers from the last winning numbers either mid and eve, and you only deal with 3 numbers, instead of 5. About 70% of the time, one or more of the winning numbers will repeat from the last draw.

The trick is knowing which of the three numbers to play with 0-9 to get a boxed hit.

Nevertheless, I encourage all ideas because this method may be a launching pad for the OP, taking ideas and evolving them into something that may surprise the heck out of us one day. 

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Testing method out in texas...I got these as the digits to come tonight


texas hasn't drawn yet, will let you know

got these for D4



As the title says, i don't think you want to take a shortcut on this method. it is a filter that produces 5-3-2 numbers sometimes. and if you use this to filter any other effective system you are using it will make you win draw to draw. it produces a maximum of 5 numbers that at least one of which digits is coming up in the next draw.


this should be used in the final step before marking down combinations to play.

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awesome strategy

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603.  9

158.  5


206   8

751.   4



458 589 459 489

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