NEW Pick 3 method that works


 Okay. Well, I'm very excited about this new method that I've just developed this past week. In fact, I'm so excited that I've decided to do this thread. So, why all the excitement? That's because it has already been making me some easy money and I believe in it.

 Fyi, I've developed an ingenious system that has proven to be successful over the last couple of years. This system works by tracking groups of numbers. But, then this new method came along. Notice that I don't refer to it as being a system. That's because of how simple it is to use. Although, it embodies numerous concepts and is completely grounded in logic. 

 This new method is ,already, starting to render my Pick 3 system obsolete. The amazing Pick 3 system that I've worked so hard to develop and have been using all this time. My prediction is that I will abandon my system ,altogether, with this new method.

 So, how does it ,basically, work? The new method works on a hidden dynamic I've discovered ,within the numbers, about two years ago. There's no longer any need to track groups of numbers. But, not surprisingly, this it's related to how my system works. The dynamic just has to do with the way the numbers change ,on each draw, and the relationship between the numbers. 

 Fortunately, you have the opportunity to capitalize on this too. What do I ask of you? Just give me your state and I will ,whenever possible, provide you some numbers. Keep in mind that you will lose at times. You're not going to win everytime you play.

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North Carolina......Please and Thank You.

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 There's nothing for North Carolina right now. But, I will post up when available. Just check back.


Little help for California Daily 3 plz and thank you!


Virginia please

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Boxed sets-Midday 7/1/14

960 409 106 148 710 018 804 168 178 674 608 179 014 189 469 174 478 489 689 019 046 678 897 067 078 089 146 796 047 619 970 846 149 479 167

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pa please n thank u

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 Nothing for Virginia at the moment. Just check back.

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Boxed sets-Midday 7/1/14


069 568 089 579 458 905 467 078 468 085 479 970 694 489 490 605 567 874 758 806 786 589 679 754 789 045 698 459 046 695 047 645 048 057 067


Do you have anything for Florida ?


Thank You


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Can you do Texas?

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How about Colorado? And below is the link. Thanks!


Goodmorning would you have a cash 3 number for Florida for today, it would greatly be appreciated

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How about New York?

Thanks a bunch.


South Carolina please.....

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In response to Pick3Guy

Something must be done here to prevent any future frustrations you've been generating so far.

You keep saying that your "winning method" works without any proof and still expecting a respect.

This is your answer to my private message:


Well, I wish I could. But, I'm sorry to inform you that you're not qualified to receive my method. Anyone who has shown me disrespect will not awarded this privilege. Still, good luck!! 

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Sent: July 10, 2014, 7:53 am Eastern Time (GMT-5:00)

I am curious how you select your 7 numbers or take out 3 of 10 numbers.


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What kind of help do you need?

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In response to Pick3Guy

Well, MMX1 proves what I have been thinking all along. Good luck with your venture and the audience you have acquired. I hope you make some money off the "method" you will probably end up selling.

In response to mmx1 worries..he's disrespecting you by giving you a losing method. Is that a privilege?

In response to mmx1

 Well, I get the impression that you're frustrated. So far, there are many members who have received my method. Fortunately, you're the only one who has been turned down.

 You've insulted me by stating that I've been getting "undeserved" attention. Fyi, I still believe in my method and the potential it has shown. But, you've made it clear that you don't believe in it. Furthermore, I'll leave it up to those members to either prove or debunk it. 

 Btw, I don't think you're supposed to be posting private messages on the forums. This is ,yet, another form of disrespect. If anything something should be done to prevent that.


Any numbers for Illinois? 


Thanks. :)


Need help in louisiana


Does your systhem work in louisiana? This state is computer generated

In response to RPR 73

Hey Pick3guy when you don't have anything for a state, I hope you don't mind if I help people out. Not trying to hijack the thread. Let me know If it's ok. if not, I understand.


Try these straight only. I looked at LA and found the following to be the best for tomorrow's draw. keep a special eye on the combos in red.






Hit the Pick 4 tonite in NY 7209. Smash I will post my tickets. Where are your personal winners? I don't need your losing system Pick3guy.

You can't even hit the Pick 3 in NY.

In response to flossdog

 Well, we don't know if you really won. You didn't post up before the draw. So, show us some proof.

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In response to flossdog

Congratulations are in order, flossdog ! Well Deserved !

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In response to Pick3Guy

You have anything that can help me win in the Texas 3....

We have 4 draws a day, can u help?




Ok's the have shown no tickets in what's in your wallet?Green laugh



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