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Sometimes In Life Our Path Changes And Other Things Take Precedence.. With That Being said, Not Even My Change Cud Keep Me Away From My Lp Family. I may Not B Here Much, But I'm Here For The Time Being. I've Missed You All!!





089-608* 342-123*

Special 209*/062  389/863* 395*/536*

Good Luck Everyone!!

Remember STORM/U.N.V.ME Loves You Always...

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In response to STORM

See Ya!Hi STORM -so nice to hear from you.  We love you too dear.  Hope all is going well in your life.

Blue AngelBlessings to you and your family

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In response to FLATRANSPLANT

See Ya! Hi dear, Babi girl an I Are Doing Great! I've started My Doctoral Program... I'm Glad to B back here 

amongst friends Wink

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In response to STORM

Hurray!So happy to hear from you.  Missed your wisdom and concern for others.

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In response to nikita18

Wink  Thanks sweetie!!

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In response to STORM

Ga mid 266. That didn't take long. Great job as usual.

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In response to Heat

((Hugs))   Party

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Hi storm nice to have you back!!!!

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In response to mbain

Hi mbain, Wink Hru?

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In response to STORM

Glad to know you are doing well!!!

Congrats on the 062 Straighttttt in Ohio!!!

Wish I would have seen it!

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In response to swissmocha

Thank u dear! Wink

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Weekend Highlights... 

690* 900/909* 660/600

Good Luck Eveyone!!

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In response to STORM

NC 953*

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In response to STORM

SC 066 Wink

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In response to STORM

Love that 600 you have, if only NY would give it up, thanks for the numbers

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Merry Merry Christmas Storm to you and your beautiful family... Hope you have a blessed new years eve... many blessing int he year 2016!!!! pm me your email address you use .. So we can stay in touch when not  on LP.. Hugs love

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In response to brighteyes

Thanks sweetie pie, Smile u have My facebook.. u can also reach Me there ((Hugs))Lovies 


Good afternoon

 how you and the family doing, I would also like to have your email address, I couldn't reach you on facebook.

Good luck, I will miss you, LP

Happy New Year dear.

love you sis

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In response to ga gurl12

Hi dear, We r Great.. hru/fam?  My gmail is Not linked to fb,

I'll send u my private email that is connected with fb so u will b able to find me.. 

U Won't have time to miss me cus we'll Definitely B in touch!! Smile

Love u too sis Lovies

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Sorry I am late wishing you a Merry Christmas! I have not been playing lately. I was taking care of my Aunt and she passed away on  Dec 17 and lost my cousin on the 21. It has been a sad holiday for our family. We are still blessed and give him all the glory! You have blessed so many this year and hope your holidays are as special as you!Maybe I can play couple tonight sure could use a blessing in N.C.

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In response to angelmama2

My dear, My heart breaks to hear of Both of your losses.. I wish I was Closer to u at this moment, Offering Comfort..

Holding u cus words I'm sure are Not the B.. I'm here, Anytime! I will pm u sweetheart, Much love Lovies

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Merry Christmas Storm!! Hope you and your fam are enjoying the holidays and that you all have a wonderful New Year....


Btw...GA midday...248 str off your Christmas List !!!Banana


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Merry Christmas, Storm÷ Blessings to you and your family!




Hi Storm,

how your Sunday went, what you cook today? How Babi  and  the  family doing.I went to bed to early now I am wide awake.Please don't forget the pm.

love you sis.


Good morning Storm how are you? I hope you had a wonderful holiday and got some rest. I had a wonderful time with my family.Have a bless day love and may God continue to guide you and bless you. Enjoy your day.Lovies


Hi Storm! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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I have been away in the hospital and missed most of december

I hope everyone had a prosperous month

Could I get any new sheets sent to me 

blessed be


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In response to STORM

Hi I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My birthday was 12-25 I had good birthday to be alive.  I was playing 1225 but it did not come. I am still playing it.


Good afternoon,

Hi Storm, just checking on you to see how you are doing.

Talk to you soon.

 love you sis

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