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Sometimes In Life Our Path Changes And Other Things Take Precedence.. With That Being said, Not Even My Change Cud Keep Me Away From My Lp Family. I may Not B Here Much, But I'm Here For The Time Being. I've Missed You All!!





089-608* 342-123*

Special 209*/062  389/863* 395*/536*

Good Luck Everyone!!

Remember STORM/U.N.V.ME Loves You Always...

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In response to STORM

See Ya!Hi STORM -so nice to hear from you.  We love you too dear.  Hope all is going well in your life.

Blue AngelBlessings to you and your family

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In response to FLATRANSPLANT

See Ya! Hi dear, Babi girl an I Are Doing Great! I've started My Doctoral Program... I'm Glad to B back here 

amongst friends Wink

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In response to STORM

Hurray!So happy to hear from you.  Missed your wisdom and concern for others.

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In response to nikita18

Wink  Thanks sweetie!!

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In response to STORM

Ga mid 266. That didn't take long. Great job as usual.

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In response to Heat

((Hugs))   Party

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Hi storm nice to have you back!!!!

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In response to mbain

Hi mbain, Wink Hru?

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In response to STORM

Glad to know you are doing well!!!

Congrats on the 062 Straighttttt in Ohio!!!

Wish I would have seen it!

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In response to swissmocha

Thank u dear! Wink

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Weekend Highlights... 

690* 900/909* 660/600

Good Luck Eveyone!!

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In response to STORM

NC 953*

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In response to STORM

SC 066 Wink

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In response to STORM

Love that 600 you have, if only NY would give it up, thanks for the numbers

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In response to LADYPISCES

Sis, I miss u.. thank u! I'm laying down while on My laptop as I reply, feels a lot better this way..

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In response to BLUE FOXX

Amen! Thank u for Sharing your Beautiful words with Me.. I Appreciate u dear Lovies

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In response to BLUE FOXX

Checking Now dear.. Let Me share something with u, When I first Joined LP in 2004 as U.N.V.Me.. I was kinda laid back but still helped others. I didn't Allow too many ppl to get close to Me an My Personal life.. Sad to say I did put a lil trust in a few members, I tried to Open Up but I Only got hurt in the process. I let them in My space an once they saw Material around me.. car, home etc.. they changed. I was told all the time how they needed help with this an that, so I'm like let Me Pray on it an asked God to Guide Me in the right direction.. to make a long story short, I changed a lot of things I do when I meet members. I went out an bought an Older car 'love her'.. named her Alexus an She glides.. Smile but she acts Up sometimes, I Keep her clean tho, etc but anyway .. I've gotten the chance to c how dif ppl treat Me when I'm driving the older car apposed to Me driving My Mercedes, Jeep Wrangler, ect.. it's material, We All buy what we wont, I'm no different. I Really thought some members on here truly cared abt Me, but Only to get close to Me to get something in return.. I've had members here lie to Me an Create stories so I would help them out financially. Every last one of them lied abt their lives.. So after those experiences, it made it hard for me to know who was being honest or Not.. In 2013, I Realized that even if a member ask me for help, I'd pray on it an even if I believed an later was wrong, I would Not let a bad experience cloud My judgement cus God dn't like Ugly.. I Started 'The Gift' in 2006 an When I choose u to Gift, it'll show jus how important u R to Me.. When I come here, I share A Part Of My Life with u All Now that I Never have before.. I have My Reasons, Sooo many Already think I lie an that's cus I dn't Allow them in My Life the way they would like to B, an Never will.. I want to thank u LP for Allowing Me to Share 'Me/My Fam' with u for 11yrs.. Good nite Lovies 

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I am always amazed that some people on here get so caught up in the drama.

I have followed the drama on LP involving STORM  for the last few years and watched  the struggle she has had with certain members who obviously find excitement in trying to make her life miserable.

I have always found STORM to be helpful to all who asked for help and even helpful to those who were only interested in getting  a "hit" from her.

 My hat is off to you STORM, because it is only a GOD fearing person who can continue to give in the midst of all the hate and shade that gets thrown on here.

I do not know all of the drama and do not really care to.

Living by the basic rule of life, I will treat people the same way they treat me.

Tired of the fakers who invoke God's name whenever they are called out too!

This is a forum designed to help us all. Stay out of people's private lives and mind your own business. You do not know how STORM and her family got their stuff and neither is it any of your business. I am always happy to see people succeed in this life as it motivates me to keep my shoulder to the wheel.

THANK U STORM, for continuing to motivate and inspire me. I appreciate your time and effort to help us.

May God bestow his richest blessings and favor upon you and your family!


Hi Storm how are you? I hope you are feeling better this morning. You have a lovely place I love it and may God continue to bless you and guide you and your family. Have a bless and beautiful day love.Lovies


Beautiful pictures.  Love the lights and flooring, so elegant.  Did you design this yourself?  Nice.


Good morning

You have a very nice home, enjoy it sweetie.

In response to bigmon

OK STORM and your RYDERS within the above listed 72 hours 050 hit in MI and 525 hit in NM!!!!! Now let's get on (344 & 009 Wh)l these will come within 72 hours. Let's do this. Let's get paid for X-MAS shopping.

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In response to deadray

Well said!!! Make ur haters ur motivators!!!

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In response to STORM

Hi this Whish I have been sick with a cold.  I am better now. Will you send me a sheet.  I hope you and your family have a great holiday.


God Bless you Storm you have a beautiful home as well as a beautiful spirit. I pray you get a 100% better in Jesus name. Don't worry about the NaySayers or the Evildoers. Continue to use your gift in the way that God's sees fit and the Haters will never understand your Blessings. There will always be people out there who hate to see other people succeed and be happy. No Man or Woman can stop what God has set in place to PROSPER. Remember that Sweetie.

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Hi sis, just checking in to see how you are feeling today. I pray that you are having a good day in all ways. I pray that GOD wraps his arms around you and protect you from all harm today and everyday. Sometimes people miss their blessings by getting caught up in material things. If they don't  have, they don't  want to see anyone else have. Don't  let the false pretenders destroy your trust, because you do have true friends who cares about you for who you are. As I said many times you are an Angel. You always put yourself out their to help others. So you have a lovely and bless day. LOVE YOU SIS!!

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Beautiful home Storm...Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

In response to bigmon

There it is in less than 5 hours PA got the 099. Now let's see how long it will take for the 344/334 whl to come in. Let's make this X-MAS shopping cash. Start looking out for 114/441 wheel within 72 hours.

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In response to STORM

678 today GA 987 flip. Great call Storm.

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