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Sometimes In Life Our Path Changes And Other Things Take Precedence.. With That Being said, Not Even My Change Cud Keep Me Away From My Lp Family. I may Not B Here Much, But I'm Here For The Time Being. I've Missed You All!!





089-608* 342-123*

Special 209*/062  389/863* 395*/536*

Good Luck Everyone!!

Remember STORM/U.N.V.ME Loves You Always...

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In response to STORM

See Ya!Hi STORM -so nice to hear from you.  We love you too dear.  Hope all is going well in your life.

Blue AngelBlessings to you and your family

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In response to FLATRANSPLANT

See Ya! Hi dear, Babi girl an I Are Doing Great! I've started My Doctoral Program... I'm Glad to B back here 

amongst friends Wink

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In response to STORM

Hurray!So happy to hear from you.  Missed your wisdom and concern for others.

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In response to nikita18

Wink  Thanks sweetie!!

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In response to STORM

Ga mid 266. That didn't take long. Great job as usual.

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In response to Heat

((Hugs))   Party

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Hi storm nice to have you back!!!!

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In response to mbain

Hi mbain, Wink Hru?

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In response to STORM

Glad to know you are doing well!!!

Congrats on the 062 Straighttttt in Ohio!!!

Wish I would have seen it!

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In response to swissmocha

Thank u dear! Wink

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Weekend Highlights... 

690* 900/909* 660/600

Good Luck Eveyone!!

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In response to STORM

NC 953*

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In response to STORM

SC 066 Wink

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In response to STORM

Love that 600 you have, if only NY would give it up, thanks for the numbers

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In response to STORM

Oklahoma 543* Smash

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Got it Storm, thank you do much!

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In response to blkbarbiedoll


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Hello Storm,

Would like to know if I could get list for NC? my email is afay1204@aol


Hi Storm,


Thank you so much for sharing your blessings..I was able to catch 590 and 354. I would like to have your special new sheet#5 or latest please.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!




Gud mornin hun....I got the special sheet...thanks a bunch hun

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In response to STORM

Hello Storm, Check your mailbox. I sent you the info. Thank you bunches n bunches!!!!!

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Sitting in the car, babi says..

'I gotta feeling that 259 gona come out'.. wth! Like, What she Know abt playing the lottery, lol ..

That's my Babi!! U Heard Her, Ryde 259* Smash

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Hey Storm, It has been a while since I have been on line. Kids got me busy. Hope you are feeling better.(Read through the blog) Wondering if I can get one of your sheets for GA and SC. It's been so weird, the #s I play here having been falling in SC. So my mom has been hitting in SC! I would lie a hit here in GA!

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Hello storm can you send me the new sheet lashawty037@aol

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Storm will you sen me the hot sheet for Ga. Thanks

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Hi storm,can I please get the list for nc lynn bass28@yahoo thanks

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Good morning members, had a Rocky day yesterday.. I'm here for a few. If u ask me to send my new sheet.. 

Pls Provide your email, thanks u so much! Im working on my doubles sheet an trip sheet.. Both will Go Out Today Only Upon Request an I Dont send sheets thru pm, Only email. 

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GM Storm, when you get a chance can you please send me the sheet for SC? Thank you, enjoy your wknd!!!

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