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Hi Guys!  Here I am, over here in the brand spankin' new CASH 4LIFE thread I just started!

You guys are gonna think I'm nuts, well, you already KNOW I'm nuts, but guess what I've got in my hot little hand???   That's right!  You guessed it!  It's a CASH 4LIFE ticket!

See, we're outta milk.  Now how could I have my Cheerio's for breakfast without milk???  So I jumped in the car and rode down to my local Stewart's Shop.  While I'm toolin' down the road, I'm thinkin' to muhseff, "Hey!  I'll be the very first customer to buy a C4L ticket in there!" See, because I was so addicted to Sweet Millie, I'm going thru Sweet Millie withdrawal..... And no LottoBoner, it's not THAT kind of withdrawal!

So I get my gallon of milk, walk over to the counter and tell the little girl "I'm gonna do something that's never been done in this store before! I'm gonna buy a Cash 4LIFE ticket.  Gimme a quick pick!"

She says;  "Not your not, but you definitely are in the top five."

I'm thinkin' to muhseff, "What the hell does she think this is?  NASCAR?  Top five my a$$!!!!"

Anyways.... 10 37 44 47 52   1

Notice that 1?   That must stand for the 1st drawing!!!!!!   Oh boy!!!  I'm gonna win a grand a day for life!  I cant wait til Monday!! Ya know, things like being in the last Sweet Millie drawing, and in the virgin C4L drawing, they're important!!  G5

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Tracking 60 numbers is going to be very time consuming. CASH 4LIFE might be a difficult game to win.

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If your 5 numbers plus the Cash Ball match the winning numbers drawn, then you win or share the First Prize.*

5 + Cash Ball
1 in: 21,846,048
$1,000 a day for Life
1 in: 7,282,016
$1,000 a week for Life
4 + Cash Ball
1 in: 79,440
1 in: 26,480
3 + Cash Ball
1 in: 1,471
1 in: 490
2 + Cash Ball
1 in: 83
1 in: 28
1 + Cash Ball
1 in: 13

Overall Odds: 1 in 8

*Note: Top prize will be divided equally among multiple top prize winners. Prize levels 2 through 9 may be reduced if liability caps are exceeded. Refer to the Official Game Rules and Regulations for a detailed explanation

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Well this new game looks like Take 5 on  Only two pay levels I like that are realistic is 3 of 5 just like Take 5 about $24 and the 4 plus Cash ball for $2,500 I just might like this game a little bit more than Take 5 ........but need some stats to track in my Advantage + software around 6 months worth. Good luck all!


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I feel a headache coming on trying to figure out what numbers i want to play. Sixty is a lot but not impossible.

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See, that's the thing about this new game, it's got 60 numbers to keep track of. 

I was OK with making my own spreadsheet with 39 or 40 numbers, but 60 is too many. I mean I don't have a spreadsheet for Lotto, and that's got 59 numbers, so 60 aint gonna happen.

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In response to THRIFTY

How long does anybody think it's gonna be before Thrifty makes a thread in the Jackpot Games forum called  "Thrifty's CASH 4LIFE Challenge?"

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G5!!!! Don't you have enough to track with T5???   LOL!!!!


I'm thinking it will take about 6 mos or more of draws to get some decent data. 


I will be only getting 1 qp a game until I get an idea of a pattern or trend showing. 


I started a pick 10 thread if you want  to come visit and maybe play that!!   


I will be back and forth over here  to see what is going on........


GOOD LUCK G5!!!!   


I am looking forward to this new game.   I think I will drop MM and/or PB.    I would rather play this game with better odds and a lower payout.    I am close to retirement so I don't need 40 M.

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In response to NanainNY

Tonite, I had to go back down to that Stewart's Shop I was in this morning when I bought my C4L ticket.

I'm standing in line to pay for my stuff and I see the guy who is paying for his stuff hand the clerk a C4L playslip.  The clerk says to him: "I was gonna tell you there's a new game, but I see you beat me to it."

The guy says "Yeah.  I figured I'd try my luck on that because it's new."

The clerk says; "That's what everybody is saying and doing."


Maybe because C4L is new they're all buying it, but WTH is goin' on??   21 million to one odds to win $365,000 a year and it costs 2 bucks a line.  SM had 3.8 million to one odds to win one million and cost 1 dollar per line and the people wouldn't play it!!  People are nuts.

How long will it take until C4L sales run out of gas?  Or will they?  You got me, cuz I dunno.


Hi all

 Maybe a C4L promo in july?

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In response to Mink404Ski

I will be fishing with any number of tickets above ZERO. $2 starts the playing MADDNESS.

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In response to pacl9800

Spending $2 to get 1 free will be great.

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In response to NanainNY

I agree, having consistent small wins keep you in the game. Mega Millions and Powerball do not give you any small profits to play with.

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