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Is it possible to get the LotSoftPro activation key? Since Ricky, the creator of LotSoftPro has passed away (RIP Ricky) what are our options for LP members who want to use LotSoftPro? If anyone can PM me with an activation key I will appreciate it! Thanks!

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The activation key is unique and

will not work for another member.

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Could be. However, has anyone tried it or are you assuming it is?

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Not assuming!

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PM me the activation code and let me try it for myself. Then I can be sure of it! Thanks!

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You will have to take my word for it

or perhaps someone else can help you.

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or perhaps someone else can help you.

Good idea! Let's hear it from other LP members. What say you members?

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you can also buy someone's PC/laptop that has the lotosoft pro already on it…assuming they are willing to part with it …that is very unlikley though !

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As they said, LotSoftPro will not be activated if you didn't get your very own serial key code.

Any other code will not work for your own installation of LotSoftPro.

But Ricky himself used LotSoftPro so it is very much probable that he had copies of LotSoftPro that didn't need an activation code to fully work without any restrictions.

His family should have his computer(s) and software.

I don't know why Ricky didn't get rid of the activation registration requirement for LotSoftPro if he wanted to make it freeware.

Seems like he thought that he would have some more time, but he didn't.

I don't know if his family will sell copies of LotSoftPro in the future, remake it or just forget all about it, maybe they don't know what to do with Ricky's stuff or maybe they already sold it all.

It is possible that his family is not interested in neither Ricky's software nor in the lottery games, but who knows?

Somebody else can make a program like LotSofPro if they want to, but it would probably be a lot of work and they might not want to go thru all of that trouble.

I for one, was looking a little ahead and I did it almost too late, but just in time, now I no longer have to worry about LotSoftPro.

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In response to MonEl

How is this for a kicker? His sister was unaware that Ricky created lottery software.


You can right click on the LotSoftPro icon and run as administrator and it allows you  access to programs.  That is how I get into it.

In response to CARBOB

I thought so, but I could not be sure.

I think that Ricky had been very sick for many years, at least already when he came to L.P. or even from before, or soon after he came to L.P.

He talked to me a little, but he didn't want to say much about it and I didn't want to ask him cause it wasn't polite to do it.

The lottery was his passion, that is gambling and making software were his passion as far as I know and of course "Prediction", he was as fascinated with prediction as I was (still am a little) or maybe even more.

I miss Ricky.

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Can anyone send me the features of Lotsoftpro?


On the pick 4 lock has anyone found a winning combination.

In response to merdis salley

LotSoftPro is 53.7 MB as it is right now, they say that if you uninstall  just before the 20 or so days run out and then install it again you can get another 20 or so days of use, but doing so is a lot of trouble too bad that people didn't get an activation key when Ricky could still send one to them.

I will for a short time try to post a download link to the 20 days demo soon as I can maybe between 1 to 7 days, I will if they let me post the download link here on this thread, when it is ready, but not right now as I have no more time.

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