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Buying multiples of the same numbers?

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Instead of playing $1 per day, I'm contemplating buying 30 tickets of the same number for the beginning of each month (30 Pick 4 Str/Box).  Any of you every do this? If I hit a straight the pay out can be huge (Over $70,000).

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I never have, and I doubt I ever will, but there are people that won big using that method.

For example,


this guy bought the same numbers and it paid off big time, he got 2 cheques for 15.8m each from one jackpot pool was 63.8M with 4 winners and, he was 2 of them.

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" This Guy" you speak of got lucky- nothing more. There are those rare creatures that win the lottery or the sum thereof in a matter of weeks from their original win, BUT that streak is unsustainable going forward. Case in point: many lottery winner's continue to play the game, but how often do you read of them bagging the lottery on a consistent basis. never.

Let the games begin.

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In response to justcause

Did this guy buy the same numbers intentionally on a jackpot that's pari-mutuel?  Or, was it a mistake that paid off?

It's hard enough to win a jackpot game, I don't think it makes much sense to buy the same numbers, although he made more money with two tickets than if he bought one and split the jackpot three ways in this instance.

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