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Have you ever been acused of cheating by a store clerk?

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Keno Man

I consistantly win 3 spot keno with a $10.00 bet for a payout of $470.00. Of course I lose alot, but I turn it around and win again.

Everyday I turn in my ticket to collect and the clerk is happy for me. But today she said that she should have been keeping my old tickets cause somethings

up with this. I aways tell her it's good odds at 1-72 and she should get a few. Kinda weird, just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them.

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Nope.  I don't win often enough.

On a side note, Oregon has an interesting keno payout schedule.

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No, I've never been accused of cheating and it's kind of a weird for the clerk to accuse a customer of cheating and wanting to keep your old tickets just because you have won a lot. How does she think you are cheating? I mean you buy the tickets at the store, right? and she is one of the people that sells them to you.

I would probably start cashing my  tickets somewhere else.

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Accused-No. Consistent winner huh?
Pleased to meet you- and Welcome.

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Maybe she just wants to try to figure out your system.

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Keno Man

Not really a winner, just a player. I lose most of the winnings, but usually hit on my last dollars, to start all over again.


In Maryland a 3 spot pays $25, 4 spot pays $50.

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Nope not lucky enough, i take it there is no payout for 2/3 for spot 3 there? here we get

2/3  $2

3/3  $32


im guessing its a 20 from 80  draw?  i like your payoiut scale

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A clerk worried a player might be cheating.

That's a switch.

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In response to Keno Man

She's not considering that you are cheating. She's considering how you are winning. It's a common practice among those

that sell AND play...they want a tip without outright asking for one. But, if they can't get one being subtle, they are not against

becoming bold.

I'd play elsewhere...just like someone said above. Who needs that kind of attention? Do you really want to create a bond like that?

I sure in heck wouldn't.

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Keno Man

Good point, I didn't think of that. Time to take my business somewhere else. Thanks!

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In response to Keno Man

I like to keep my winning tickets and some stores refuse to return them after they're cashed in claiming they don't want players trying to cash them more than once.  I think it's not legal but rather than argue with them I don't buy any more tickets from them.  I only shop where my winning tickets are returned after I cash them.

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In response to RJOh

In my state it is lottery regulation that they retain all redeemed tickets. I believe it is supposed to be an anti-fraud measure. So that may be the case there. It's good you can find retailers willing to let you keep them, though.


your  story  is   confusing   dont  make  sense


thats  not  good  wins   at   all

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