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Rng Proof


Not sure how to state this But here goes.....

should a state using a RNG prove that it has no connection to the numbers picked that dayby the public and is random ALL the time

and show it as it "picks" the winners ?...did i get that right ?

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Personally, I don't believe in the RNG deal because it must still be programmed to do a particular thing by a human being in the first's software. It can't be random, in my opinion, if it's programmed (told) to do something when it's turned on. I also believe that the software has the ability to remember what it did on the last draw whether it was an official draw, post official draw, or pre-test draw. The ball machine using suction or simply allowing them to drop down is the best way to go as far as I'm concerned, although, I've won on RNG and mechanical.

A mechanical machine cannot 'segregate' the numbers, from one draw to the next, whereas I strongly believe the RNG can. In the end, though, both methods will still comply with one thing in the draw process.




You have two questions really.

Should the state prove numbers are random? They do this continually by running statistics, looking for patterns, etc. That is their business to protect.

Should they prove that the numbers won are random? They do this through their fraud divisions. One person, or store, or town continually winning straight numbers would get visited and interviewed for sure.

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